Season 5 illustration 13 - large Dreams

Alvin gets a registered letter native the posting Warehouse stating he"s a winner! that either can take $500 or the mystery prize, however had to call by 6:00 afternoon to decide.So v Simon"s time an equipment help, the chipmunks & Chipettes see what would take place if Alvin took...$500 - Alvin & Brittany room married with two kids & they live in a mansion. Simon & Jeanette are married together they both gained Nobel Prizes if Theodore & Eleanor are married, owning a restaurant/nightclub. They are rich!Mystery prize - Alvin loser his to sing voice after gift food poisoned over that mystery prize. All 3 couples live in poverty.So Alvin calls the publishing Warehouse to take it the $500. Climate he"s upper heart to discover that you need to be
the very least 18 to qualify for the publishing Warehouse Sweepstakes! Air day : 24th-Oct-1987

Alvin and also the chipmunks - Season : 5

Season 5 episode 1 - earlier To Dave"s Future

A wild ride on a merry-go-round sends out the Chipmunks earlier to 1962. They fulfill a younger Dave. There is no the boys" help in win a band contest, the will spend his life as an accountant. Once they room spun right into the present, Alvin isn"t certain whether he saw the past or bumped his head in a loss off the merry-go-round. Air day : 12th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 2 - tell It to the judge

Alvin "borrows" Dave"s brand-new bike, and also while the is the end riding that accidentally access time Brittany that is the end roller skating. The cycle is ruined, and something is wrong through her skates. They each blame each other, and Alvin demands Brittany pay for Dave"s bike, if she insists he salary for her roller skates. All of this brings united state to court, where Brittany and Alvin, skip the "TRUTH" component in justice, face off in a "who have the right to tell a far better lie about what happened" court battle. Air date : 12th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 3 - sincerely Theodore

Theodore walk on a diet for this reason he could go on a date with a pen pal, that is likewise one the Alvin"s best fans. Things go wrong when Alvin finds out that Theodore"s date is actually the daughter that a famous film director. Alvin climate takes her the end instead, break Theodore"s heart. In order for Alvin to make it to his play and also the date, Alvin it s okay Theodore to switch ago and soon to his play and also on his date. Air date : 19th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 4 - mine Pharaoh Lady

Brittany renders a bet through Missy Snootson, one more girl in her class, that if the mummy the king Rooten Tooten walk not rise from the dead and go come her house by midnight, Brittany should drop the end of the race to it is in the school Carnival Queen. Air day : 19th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 5 - Simon states

While Dave is the end of town, miss out on Miller babysits the boys and they walk to a movie about killer space squids attacking the earth. Accidentally miss Miller division Simon"s glasses. Once they get out a telescope the evening, Simon think he watch killer squids coming towards earth, as with in the movie. Air date : 26th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 6 - when the Chips space Down

The boys have to paint the garage ~ they obtained spray repaint on the walls while repainting your bicycles. Simon and Theodore feels bad because they constantly have troubles with Alvin"s ideas. Later Alvin have them to walk to a mansion of a currently dead criminal. Alvin is convinced that a never discovered loot indigenous a bankrobbery is still surprise there. Lock go due to the fact that Alvin assures to repaint all the garage if he"s wrong, however they feeling a little bad with Alvin. Air date : 26th-Sep-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 7 - Alvin, Alvin, Alvin!

Alvin goes v an identification crisis and also starts trying all kinds of different personalities, with embarrassing results. Air date : 3rd-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 8 - Dave"s Dream Cabin

After year of scrimping and saving, Dave is finally able to afford their very own vacation cabin. Alvin hears the Robby Leach, the host of the present “Lifestyles that the important Fabulous” lives nearby. Alvin tries to gain Leach to interview him, and also at the exact same time he renders a couple of quick changes to Dave"s cabin. Air day : 3rd-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 9 - Old friend

Alvin nearly runs end an elderly mrs in the mall v his skateboard. Once Alvin finds the end that she is wealthy, he sends out invitations because that a senior citizens" party in stimulate to uncover her. Air day : 10th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 10 - The mystery of Seville Manor

While in England, the Chipmunks inspect out Seville Manor to investigate if castle have any type of relation come the man who owned it. Air date : 10th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 11 - asking Alvin

The family members becomes fed up with Alvin, who always gives out advice whether it is wanted or not. Therefore Simon and also Theodore acquire Alvin to come to be the brand-new host on the talk display “Mr. Advice” so he will certainly not have time come badger them. Air day : 17th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 episode 12 - Theodore Lucks the end

Theodore is emotion unlucky in the track and field. He find a bent the end of shape dime and his lucky changes. Air date : 17th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 13 - large Dreams

Alvin it s okay a registered letter indigenous the publishing Warehouse stating he"s a winner! the either could take $500 or the mystery prize, however had to call by 6:00 pm to decide.So v Simon"s time device help, the chipmunks & Chipettes check out what would happen if Alvin took...$500 - Alvin & Brittany are married through two children & castle live in a mansion. Simon & Jeanette are married together they both got Nobel Prizes when Theodore & Eleanor space married, owning a restaurant/nightclub. They space rich!Mystery prize - Alvin loses his singing voice after gift food poisoned over that an enig prize. All three couples live in poverty.So Alvin call the publishing Warehouse to take it the $500. Climate he"s upper heart to learn that you have to be
least 18 to qualify because that the publishing Warehouse Sweepstakes! Air date : 24th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 14 - Island heat

The Chipmunks and Chipettes gain to execute on a high course cruise ship, the Island Lady, however instead they end up ship wrecked on an island. Air day : 24th-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 15 - just One the the girls

Miss miller & the Chipettes space vacationing in Hollywood, as well as Miss müller reuniting v her girl singing group, The Thrillers.In the lobby that the hotel, they find out that some producers are looking for brand-new acts on their brand-new show, ""Girls of rock & Roll"".Sneaking behind each others backs, the Chipettes together with Miss müller & The Thrillers shot to get an audition collection
the hotel restaurant. The producers determined both of lock (without the various other knowing).When each team arrives
the studio, they carry out ""Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"". However just together they confessed to each other that they were auditioning, the producers discover a punk girl band touring the studio & hired them over both acts! Air day : 31st-Oct-1987Read More

Season 5 illustration 16 - Going under To Dixie

The Chipettes gain an opportunity to star on the flow Ritz Hotel in new Orleans, Louisiana. Air date : 31st-Oct-1987Read More


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