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Always had this confusion !

In speaking,

All is wellAll space fine

I heard a many of civilization using above two this sentences plenty of times so i got confused of the intake of "is" and also "are" ~ "ALL".

When have to we use "is" and also when need to we usage "are" after ~ "ALL" ?


All have the right to be used to mean either: (1) every one (of some items) or (2) a solitary substance in the entirety. In the former case, girlfriend would use all are since the topic consists of every among some set of items. In the latter case, you would usage all is because there is just one item or substance for which the whole amount is being addressed.

For example:

Every among these apples is good. All are good.

Everyone is visiting today. All space visiting.

Every little bit of this pie is tasty. Every is tasty.

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Everything is doing well today. All is well.

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