The word all, together a subject, may take one of two people a singular or plural verb. It relies on the context. Just just like nouns like audience (“the audience is listening”), paper definition determines the selection of verb.

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When implying a plural noun, use a many verb:

All to be running down the road, frantic, as the tornado got on them.I notice all are existing for the poll today.

When implying a singular noun, which can be called a collective abstraction or massive noun, use the singular verb:

All is fine on the home front.All I desire is tranquility on earth.

Writers often mistakenly use the plural once intending a collective all. These space incorrect:

All we need are the outcomes from the election is>.All they wanted were food and clothing to get through the harsh winter was>.

I expect all that I’d hope to send to friend is clear. Climate all will be well through your world.

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susan troccoloMarch 6, 2015 at 7:49 am#

Terrific article, thank you. I take worry with only one sentence (my ear speak me the is off), and also want to check in v you about it.

All we require is the result…if “result” is singular, then “is” sounds right. However, when “result(s) is plural, I would think the sentence would certainly be:

All we need *are* the results….

Can you please comment? If IS goes with result(s) plural, I’m in huge trouble-:)


Peggy McAloonMarch 6, 2015 in ~ 9:24 am#

Thanks because that the grammar help. I uncover it extremely important. After a major traumatic mind injury, i have challenge remembering every the rule of English. I when received excellent grades in writing, however that to be pre-accident. It’s one of the reasons I operation my publications through plenty of levels of editing. Ns can’t take the opportunity of do errors and also if I’m over-tired or over-stressed, ns don’t catch them.


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Elena Dillon, authorBreathe

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Sara Butler, authorNative Storm
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Christopher Michael, AuthorThe mandrel Guard the Cyranessa
Much of she advice was simple fixes, yet there to be times Susanne made me think. I’ve really appreciated that about her, and also my writing skills are far better because of her expertise. I very recommend Susanne because that anyone’s editorial needs. She confirmed herself come me and also amazed me through her point out on advice and also suggestions.
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Jamie Hope, authorRevelations
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Linda Merlino, authorRoom that Tears
Susanne is a pleasure to job-related with and professional in every aspect. Her specialization can assist you take a rough draft and transform it right into a manuscript you room proud to present. She editing an abilities and thorough critiques were invaluable.
Earl Hardy, authorThe guy Who love Cats
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Perry Perret, authorTwisted Wolf
I have worked with various other freelance editors; the them every Susanne was the best. Her feedback, attention to detail, and especially her critiques and suggestions brought new dimensions to my work that aided me improve my handmade substantially. Thank you, Susanne.
James Knight, author

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