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Time to readjust has come and also goneWatched her fears come to be your godIt"s her decisionIt"s her decisionOverwhelmed, you decided to runApathetic come the stuntIt"s your decisionIt"s her decisionYou feeding the fire that burned us allWhen friend liedTo feel the ache that spurs you onBlack insideNo one plans to take it the path that bring you lowerAnd below you stand before us all and also say it"s overIt"s over(Solo)It might seem an ~ thoughtYes it harms to understand you"re boughtIt"s her decisionIt"s her decisionYou feeding the fire that burned us allWhen friend liedTo feeling the pains that spur you onBlack insideIt"s her decisionIt"s her decisionNo one plans to take the course that bring you lowerAnd here you stand prior to us all and also say it"s overIt"s overIt"s over...
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