Greg claims that cherry pies have a proportion of 240240240 to 333 pies. This can be composed as ratio form as: 240240240 : 333Now, Greg wants to recognize how numerous cherries that would must make 999 pies. If we speak to the cherries x, this would certainly be x : 999This both radios should be equal so we"re walk to compose the equation and solve because that x.

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Thus, Greg needs 7,206,720,720 cherries to make 999 perfect cherry pies

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I yes, really NEED aid PLEEEASS Evelyn has actually $524.96 in she checking account. She must maintain a $500 balance to prevent a fee. She wro
m_a_m_a <10>
The is the very first one. 524.96 - 32.50 + x ≥ 500; x ≥ $7.54
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Sorry Iam at test now

I recognize the yet IAM creating exam

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Find the x-intercept and y-intercept of the heat 5x+6y=-30 x-intercept and y-intercept help!!
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In order to uncover the x-intercept, friend would have to plug 0 right into y 5x + 6(0) = -305x = -30x = -6Therefore the x-intercept is in ~ (-6,0)In bespeak to uncover the y-intercept, you would certainly plug 0 into x5(0) + 6y = -306y = -30y = -5Therefore the y-intercept is in ~ (0,-5)
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PLEASE assist ME
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Step-by-step explanation: One number is four an ext than the other." is represented as "x"

"One number is four more than the other." is represented as "x+4"

"Their sum is fourteen." is represented as "x+(x+4)=14"

"Find both numbers."


x+x+4=14 (add favor terms)

2x+4=14 (isolate her "x" change on one side of the equality by individually 4 from both sides)


2x=10 (isolate your "x" variable by dividing by 2 indigenous both sides)


x=5 (this is the come one number)

x+4=5+4=9 (plug in 5 for "x" and also this is the to four much more than another)

Your 2 numbers space 5 and 9.

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Cindy needs to divide $56 in old quarters right into 8 rolls? How many quarters will certainly be in each roll?​
Andrew <12>




1 4 minutes 1 = $0.25

56 / 0.25 = 224 quarters.

224 / 8 = 28 soldier per roll.

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There will be 28 quarters in every roll.


Hope This Helped! good Luck!

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