125 degrees Celsius is the same as:Gas note ½257 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)115 electrical energy oven (°C)105 power fan-assisted oven (°C)This temperature is defined in recipes as very slow or an extremely low.

This cooktop Temperature Converter will aid you come easily and quickly transform from gas mark temperatures to other temperature units and vice-versa. This device converts in between Gas Mark, Fahrenheit, Celsius, °C electrical power oven and °C electricity fan-assisted oven. It is also possible to discover the meaning of "moderately hot" or "hot" range temperatures and the indistinguishable value in gas mark or degrees.

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Oven temperature conversion chart

Fahrenheit(°F)Celsius(°C) GasMarkStandardPhrases
225°F107°C¼ Very slow-moving / an extremely Low
250°F121°C½ Very sluggish / an extremely Low
275°F135°C1 Slow / Low
300°F149°C2 Slow / Low
325°F163°C3 Moderately sluggish / Warm
350°F177°C4 Moderate / Medium
375°F191°C5 Moderate / center Hot
400°F204°C6 Moderately Hot
425°F218°C7 Hot
450°F232°C8 Hot / an extremely Hot
475°F246°C9 Very hot
500°F260°C10 Extremely Hot

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About Electricity and Fan-assisted and also Electricity Ovens

When making use of a fan-assisted oven, friend should reduced the temperature by 20 degrees C, therefore if a recipe offers a temperature the 230 C, lower it come 210 °C in a fan-assisted oven. If you use a electrical oven, just lower the temperature by 10 °C, ie. Native 230 to 220 °C because that the previous example.

To uncover the equivalence in between degrees Celsius (degrees Celsius) and other temperature units offered in food preparation like gas mark or even descriptions favor low, slow, high or center temperature, friend can also use the temperature conversion graph above.

Note: the counter table listed below uses approximate values enough to be an exact for cooking purposes. But, please keep in mind that different manufacturers and oven types do vary, therefore this converter cannot give an exact indication. The best way to be sure around the oven temperature is to calibrate the scale using stove thermometer.

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