Sling Psychrometer is provided to measure both the dried bulb and wet bulb temperatures in ~ time. This temperatures are a measure up of humidity contents in air.

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Description of Sling Psychrometer

The key parts the the instrument are


There are 2 thermometers in this instrument.

1.Dry pear thermometer, who sensor bulb is in direct call with wait (mercury is the sensing element)

2.Wet bulb thermometer: the sensor bulb of this thermometer is covered with a wick of cotton or muslin moistened with pure waterA glass framework is detailed as the real estate for the instrument.

A rotating take care of is attached come the glass structure housing – the setup of the thermometer to ensure the the air in the wet bulb constantly in immediate contact with the wet wick.

When a thermometer pear is straight exposed come a mixture that air-water vapor, the temperature shown by the thermometer is the dry bulb temperature.

When the pear of a thermometer is covered by a continuous wet wick and also if the bulb covered by the wet wick is exposed come the mixture of waiting vapor and water, the temperature suggested by the thermometer is the temperature that the wet bulb.

Operation that Sling Psychrometer.

In order to measure up the dried bulb and the temperature that the wet bulb, the disposition the the thermometer of the psychrometer- glass sheathe – is rotated native 5 m / s to 10 m / s to obtain the vital air movement.

Note: vital condition is that the correct / specific measurement of the wet bulb temperature is obtained only if the waiting moves v the speed roughly the wet wick. To gain this waiting velocity, the psychrometer is spinning.

The thermometer whose pear is north contacts the air indicates the temperature the the dried bulb.

At the exact same time, the thermometer whose pear is spanned with the wet wick comes in contact with the air and also when this passes the wet wick current in the thermometer bulb, the moisture present in the wick starts to evaporate and a cooling effect occurs created in bulb. Currently the temperature indicated by the thermometer is the wet bulb thermometer that will normally be lower than the temperature that the dried bulb.

Note: If the psychrometer is rotated because that a quick period, then the registered wet bulb temperature will not be adequate.

Note: If the psychrometer is turned for a much longer period, the wick will dry soon and the temperature of the wet bulb will certainly not be at its minimum value.

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Application of Sling Psychrometer

It is provided for checking humidity level in air-conditioned rooms and also installations.It is offered in the measurement selection of 0 come 100% RH.It is used for measure wet pear temperature between 0’C to 180’C.

Limitation that Sling Psychrometer

1. The measured tool is altered due to the act of measurement. The evaporation process in the wet bulb will add moisture come the air.2. Can not be used in situations of automation requirements.3. Can not be used for continuous recording purposes.4. If the wick is spanned with dirt, the wick will harden and also its water absorb capacity will be reduced; however, a stiff / dirty wick will go back to normal once boiling in hot water