A melodic phrase finishing that sets up expectation for extension is known as a(n)

incomplete cadence.

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A series of single tones that add up to a recognizable totality is dubbed a


The emotional focal suggest of a melody is called the


The repetition of a melodic pattern at a greater or reduced pitch is referred to as a


A resting location at the finish of a expression is dubbed a


A shorter component of a melody is dubbed a


Legato refers to playing or to sing a melody

in a smooth, associated style.

A melody the serves together the starting point because that a more extended item of music is called a


A melody is stated to relocate by measures if it moves by

adjacent scale tones.

A short, detached format of playing a melody is known as


A combination of three or more tones sounded at the same time is called

a chord.

Harmony ad to

the means chords room constructed and how castle follow each other.

The triad developed on the 5th step the the scale is dubbed the

dominant chord.

Resolution refers to a

dissonant chord moving to a consonant chord.

What does Harmony add?

it to add support, depth, and also richness to a melody.

When the individual tones of a chord room sounded one after an additional instead that simultaneously, it is referred to as a broken chord or


A combination of tones that is taken into consideration unstable and also tense is referred to as a


Traditionally, a composition would practically always finish on a

tonic chord.

A collection of chords is called a


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A mix of tones the is thought about stable and restful is called a


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