1994-2003 Ford SuperDuty Diesel Oil & liquid Capacity and also Recommendations

Part the obeying a strictly 7.3L Powerstroke maintain schedule is putting the best fluids and also oils right into your truck. You also need to know just just how much oil or liquid your 7.3 call for! Don’t worry, i’ve acquired you covered. In this post, ours 7.3L Powerstroke Fluid and Oil volume Guide, I’ll tell you exactly how much and what type of oil or liquid you need. That means the exact 7.3 Powerstroke OEM Fluid and specifications indigenous Ford. By making use of our recommended fluids and also correctly filling your truck’s components, you’ll be able to extend the valuable life of her truck.

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How lot Oil and also Fluid perform I need in mine 7.3l Powerstroke?

Although 7.3L Powerstroke fluid Capacity and specifications are provided here, it’s an extremely important to consult your owner’s manual just to it is in sure! Also, constantly use her dipstick to identify when her 7.3 has actually the exactly oil or fluid. Depending upon your axle, liquid fill specifications vary. Inspect the owner’s hands-on to get the appropriate fluid to fill recommendations. 7.3L Powerstroke digital owner’s manuals and diesel additionally are accessible for free.

Oil/FluidSpecsCapacity – QuartsCapacity – Liters
Engine OilAll Years15 Quarts14.2 Liters
Auto infection FluidE40D 4×2E40D 4×44R10015.9 quarts16.4 quarts17.1-17.7 quarts15 liters15.5 liters16.2-16.7 liters
Manual TransmissionFluidZF S5 5-speedZF S6 6-speed3.4 quarts5.8 quarts3.2 liters5.5 Liters
Transfer CaseBW15362.0 quarts1.9 liters
Coolant50/50 mixture94-971999-200331 Liters
Front Differential FluidDana 50 IFSDana 601.9 quarts2.9 quarts1.8 liters2.7 liters
Rear Differential FluidSterling 10.25Sterling 10.50Dana 80Dana 1353.75 quarts3.45 quarts4.15 quarts12.25 quarts8.3 liters

What is the finest Oil and also Fluid To usage on my 7.3L?

To save your 7.3 running strong, us recommend using OEM fluids because that just about everything. Over there is a small bit of versatility with engine oil. You might need a various viscosity if you room in very cold climates. You execute not need to go through Motorcraft 15W40 however. There room many an excellent 15W40 engine oil made particularly for a diesel.

Oil/Fluid form NeededPart name & connect To Buy
Engine Oil15W40 – Motorcraft 15W40 – Shell Rotella T4
E40D Auto transmission Fluid4R100 Auto transmission FluidMercon V ATF
ZF S5 manual Transmission FluidZF S6 hand-operated Transmission FluidMercon V ATF
Transfer CaseMercon V ATF
CoolantMotorcraft VC 5
Dana 50 former Differential FluidDana 60 front Differential FluidSAE 80W90SAE 80W90 or SAE 90 Hypoid equipment Oil
Dana 80 behind Differential FluidDana 135 behind Differential Fluid75W9080W90
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