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"Question Everything." -- truth will constantly withstand inquiry.Assume the human being you room talking to knows something girlfriend don"t.
Well it snowed on and off every day today. Does the count as one eye event, or multiple eye events?
Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under...….You carry out not need a parachute to skydive. Friend only require a parachute come skydive twice."The trouble with socialism is that ultimately you run out of various other people"s money ." - M. Thatcher
"A human being being should be able to readjust a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, compose a sonnet, balance accounts, construct a wall, collection a bone, lull the dying, take orders, offer orders, cooperate, plot alone, settle equations, analysis a brand-new problem, key manure, routine a computer, cook a tasty meal, struggle efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects!"Robert A. Heinlein
Weather folklore that"s been approximately a long time.Along v a couple of others...
Well that snowed on and also off every day today. Does that count together one eye event, or multiple snow events?
Weather folklore that"s been approximately a lengthy time.Along through a couple of others...
"Note on your calendar the very first day you hear thunder or check out lightning in spring ... Count specifically six month ahead and you have the right to predict the very first frost or snow.”04/03 so 10/03 will be the first frost? Someone write that under so it have the right to be fact checked
"Question Everything." -- truth will always withstand inquiry.Assume the human being you are talking to to know something friend don"t.

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Yep...... I"m a believer in this one together well.
Thank friend Donavan"s because that posting 3 snows ~ the yellow bush blooms. I had not heard everyone say that in a long time. It was Moms saying because that us farming up and also it is fun to repeat come the younger human being that live through the cellphones in their faces for information. Before weather predictions to be a science people observed the changes and also the old saws that truths come about. So many will stick through science and knod as soon as the weather guy predicted 20% opportunity of rain continue to be home and also not go out fishing. I say thanks to them for leaving the ramp open up for me come go. This sayings are based upon observations of countless years. The old sayings and also their rhymes kept frontier human being safe and also gave castle basis because that planting and also many life essentials. That"s why lock were repetitive for the world of the early 1900"s and passed down to united state old guys and we remember. We obtained a tv which made us smarter than any type of old saying. Yet it is all fun in the finish to psychic what funny points grandparents said that turns out to have fact inside. FYI groundhog work is 6 weeks prior to the calendar date of spring. This year i feel the groundhog got it wrong the was no six an ext weeks of winter!!!