At OnCall Dental, us value offering comfort-driven personalized care and have real concern around improving and also maintaining your dental health and smile! We know that every patient has their own unique desires, fears, and vision of their smile and also oral health. V convenient late-night and also weekend appointments, we desire to assist by being obtainable to our patients so us can provide you through the dental care and smile the you deserve!”.

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We room a general dental office through convenient so late weekday and weekend hours to accommodate her busy work and family life. Us pride ourself in not just treating dentist emergencies but also in staying clear of emergencies too

Monday: 8am – 4pmWednesday: 9am – 8pmThursday:10am-7pmFriday: 10am – 8pmSaturday: 10am – 6pmSunday: 10am – 5pmClosed Tuesdays


The former office is so friendly and also accommodating!Excellent dental treatment by this employee and an extremely thorough as they looked for my gum and also tooth problems.I extremely recommend this dental practice!

Never had dental job-related AT ALL prior to this. Made sure I was entirely numb prior to extracting a molar, and the staff was at sight nice and also patient v me and answered all of my questions, and explained very well what to mean every action of the way. Total readjust of speed from a big chain that just wanted mine money, i feel the Dr to was an extremely realistic and explained what my alternatives were well, as well as the risks. Indigenous painless X-rays (an problem I had at the chain dentistry) to treatment that right what was ideal for me i won’t hesitate to proceed going here for my dental needs.

Dr. To and his staff at OnCall dental UC in Glendale, AZ was the absolute best. Among my molars was providing me excruciating pain, and my general dentist recommended a root canal after trial and error the viability the the nerve. The endodontist the they advert me educated me the they would not be able to do the procedure best away and also I had actually to wait 3 weeks! If anyone has actually every dealt with dental pain, 3 mainly sounds prefer a lifetime. Luckily i was able to uncover Dr. To. The procedure was absolutely painless and also Dr. To took great care in making sure that i was comfortable. Not only was Dr. Come great, his staff was amazing! anyone was kind and courteous and also made me feel an extremely comfortable, as someone who has extreme anxiety going to the dentist. I very highly introduce Dr. To and also his team!
I’ve had dentists overcharge. Under deliver. Some dentists execute awful rapid work. No these guys. I Honestly believe that most dentists suck. But not OnCall Dental. Finest dentists and also staff I’ve ever before encountered. Five stars no enough. Prefer 600,000 stars is an ext accurate. Friendly fun staff. Love the suffer here.

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.I"ve had a couple of appointments now with regards to a cracked tooth the was beyond repair and also needed to be extracted. Every visit I"ve had over the last few weeks, the prior office staff has actually been great and i never have actually a long wait. I"ve had actually appointments in the evening, in the morning, and on the weekends and also they are always quick to contact you back.Dr. To is really nice and an extremely thorough through every visit ns had. The dentists I"ve had in the previous usually seem annoyed and condescending about my dentist care. But Dr. Come takes his time and answers any kind of questions i have. It"s a little bit of a journey for me (30 mins) yet it"s really worth it. Love this place and also highly recommend it!
Dr. To, and also his staff, were really kind and professional. I"m glad they might quickly get me in because that an testimonial appointment and the procedure ~ above the very same visit.