Cabin waiting Filter replacement Service

How much does a Cabin wait Filter instead of cost?

On average, the price for a Ford exploration Cabin wait Filter instead of is $115 through $20 because that parts and $95 for labor. Prices might vary relying on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2016 Ford ExpeditionV6-3.5L TurboService typeCabin air Filter ReplacementEstimate$173.35Shop/Dealer Price$197.94 - $249.21
2013 Ford ExpeditionV8-5.4LService typeCabin air Filter ReplacementEstimate$153.35Shop/Dealer Price$177.96 - $229.24
1997 Ford ExpeditionV8-5.4LService typeCabin wait Filter ReplacementEstimate$134.89Shop/Dealer Price$154.88 - $192.32
2004 Ford ExpeditionV8-5.4LService typeCabin wait Filter ReplacementEstimate$181.67Shop/Dealer Price$213.34 - $285.84
2020 Ford ExpeditionV6-3.5L TurboService typeCabin waiting Filter ReplacementEstimate$165.79Shop/Dealer Price$193.52 - $254.15
2005 Ford ExpeditionV8-5.4LService typeCabin air Filter ReplacementEstimate$181.67Shop/Dealer Price$213.36 - $285.88
2007 Ford ExpeditionV8-5.4LService typeCabin air Filter ReplacementEstimate$158.35Shop/Dealer Price$182.82 - $234.00
2004 Ford ExpeditionV8-4.6LService typeCabin air Filter ReplacementEstimate$153.75Shop/Dealer Price$177.44 - $225.46

What is the Cabin air Filter all about?

When you revolve on the heat or wait conditioner, the air the you get from the automobile vents originates from external the car. The cabin wait filter cleans the air prior to passing it through the heater or air conditioning system.


Keep in mind:

The cabin waiting filter is various from the wait filter. The job of the air filter is come clean the air that goes right into the engine to burn fuel. The project of the cabin air filter is to clean the air that you get from the vents inside the car. You may have an ext than one cabin wait filter.

How it"s done:

Remove and replace the cabin wait filter(s)Clean the end all the debris from the compartment if needed.

Our recommendation:

Follow the manufacturer’s maintain schedule and readjust the cabin waiting filter together recommended. If you frequently park your car under a tree or near bushes, the cabin waiting filter(s) will most likely suck increase debris and leaves, becoming dirtier, faster.

What common symptoms show you might need to replace the Cabin air Filter?

Airflow indigenous the AC vents is short or weak.

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How important is this service?

When you rotate on the heat, fan, or air air conditioning in her vehicle, the air the enters the cabin is taken from exterior the car. Prior to passing with your vents it very first goes with the cabin waiting filter, which catches much the the dust, dirt, and also harmful pollutants in the air. A work cabin air filter assures the the waiting coming v your vents is clean. As soon as the cabin waiting filter stops working, the air that enters your vents is unfiltered and can be harmful to breathe. A dirty cabin wait filter also obstructs the flow of air to the vents, which will reduced the power of your heating or air air conditioning system.