Transmission liquid is often a forgotten piece of maintenance. However, it is considered a very important one because of the high price of the transmission and its repairs. Read on come learn just how to change the transmission fluid in your Toyota Camry.

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This article applies to the Toyota Camry (1997-2011).

The automatic transmission liquid in your Camry is among the many overlooked pieces of maintenance; due to the fact that there\"s no large cap and also port come remove and fill it. Many world don\"t consider changing it in ~ all until they start having transmission issues. This is much too late, and that old melted up liquid is doing an ext harm 보다 good. An altering the fluid may not be as simple as an altering your motor oil. However, it is tho a really easy procedure to follow. Don\"t be fooled into thinking you have to pay a hefty fee because that a professional to carry out it for you. You have the right to do this easy project yourself saving a bundle the cash in the process. The doesn\"t also take an hour, therefore you can do this job in the morning and also not be late for work. If you perform not have actually a dipstick in her model, friend will require a fluid pump kit, which room pretty inexpensive, in which case, you might want come visit that infection specialist ~ all. You can likewise consider renting the device out at Autozone.

Materials NeededCatch pan because that the old fluidShop rags10 mm hex wrenchTransmission fluid transfer pump because that vehicles there is no a dipstick

Check (and change) the transmission fluid when it is warm. The fluid increases when the is hot, so in order to get precise measurement, the fluid must be at operation temperature and also checked when the car is in park. As soon as replacing it, it\"s encourage you carry out so when the automobile is warm, because it enables the liquid to flush out easier.

Step 1 – Lift prior end

Use a hydraulic floor jack top top a level surface, and also raise the front end of the car. Place the vehicle on 2 jack was standing in the correct and also safest ar as comprehensive in her owner\"s manual.

Figure 1. Safeguard the anti-rust coating on the underside of your car by placing a rag on her jack plate, unless you have a jack v a padded plate.

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Step 2 – Pull to fill plug / drain plug

Under the vehicle, top top the driver\"s side, girlfriend will discover the ATF drain plug. The to fill plug is really close just over the drain plug. That is a little an overwhelming to check out at first. Girlfriend will want to remove the to fill plug very first with a 10 mm hex wrench. This will create the vacuum that you require when you drainpipe it. If you carry out not pull the fill plug first, the liquid will come out in random patterns and also get splattered everywhere the place. When you remove the to fill plug, remove the drainpipe plug. If friend do have actually a dipstick, remove that very first and then remove the drain plug. Permit the fluid drainpipe out totally until it stops flowing.

Figure 2. ATF drain and also fill plugs.

Step 3 – Replace drain plug

Once every the fluid has drained, fill with fresh fluid.

For models with dipsticks, you can use a tiny diameter funnel and fill through the dip stick tube through the ideal ATF fluid declared in the manual.For models without dipsticks, you will need to use a fluid transfer pump and fill through the to fill hole.Fill the transfer pump through the correct amount that fluid.Insert the transfer hose into the fill hole and also pump every the brand-new fluid into your transmission case.
Figure 3. Check the problem of the drained fluid.

Pro Tip

Inspect her old fluid closely. Look specifically for any metal shavings or huge chunks of debris. This will show a transmission trouble that girlfriend should have checked the end by a professional. Otherwise, the liquid may be a dark color and may smell a small burnt. This is most likely normal and also indicates that you were prepared for a fluid change.

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Step 4 – Bring vehicle to operation temperature

Start her car, placed the emergency brake on, step on the brake pedal and shift through the gears, then bring it ago to park. Allow the vehicle warm up totally and inspect your liquid level (if you have actually a dipstick). That is difficult to know the ideal level of this sealed systems, so the is vital that you deserve to measure the amount of ATF that drained and replace through that very same amount, or just slightly more. If the level is correct, fall the car and also take it for a 10 minute check drive, climate re-check. Add an ext fluid if necessary.