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hey everyone, i have actually been reading some that the threads and you all sound like you understand what your talking about. I am spring into acquiring 2008 scion tc, which will be my an initial one. Ns am 18 and i have actually have a paid off 2005 pontiac sunfire for around 2 and also a fifty percent years. Basically i desire to know honestly what space the pros and also cons the the tc. I have liked them for a lengthy time now and i really want one but i want someting reliable and safe. Ns love the tc"s looks. Yet i will be paying a pretty coin a month
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cheap interior, lack of power. Looks great on the curb, however thats about it. Quite price because that the auto as a whole. $17k for a brand new car the is that funny to drive is really difficult to find. Really lacks options though, you gain what you salary for. Trusted definatly, much more so 보다 a corolla or camry even. Well, that is a camry engine so there you go

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thanks men for all the advantageous feedback. Appears like in its entirety a pretty kind car. Ns didn"t understand it has the exact same engine as the camry, so the was great to know, camry"s space pretty reliable. Ns am no really looking for something with lots of options. I"m a simple kinda girl lol. I"m going to the dealership later 2day come get an additional look in ~ it and give it an additional test drive. Climate i"ll decide. Thanks again and if anyone else has actually anything else to include please do.

i like mine, i simply wish it had an ext powerbesides that, my just complaint is that damn behind parcel shelf thing... Why couldnt they just develop it right into the hatch!
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Have u ever even been in a tC? The tC come with everything u would certainly pay extra because that in any kind of other car, go in one before u knock it a#$hole.
MANUAL ONLY, I have actually Auto and i remorse it prefer you don"t even know, the pros with this automobile is the reliable and nice top top gas.
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cheap interior, absence of power. Looks an excellent on the curb, however thats about it. Nice price for the auto as a whole. $17k because that a brand brand-new car that is that fun to journey is really tough to find. Really lacks alternatives though, you acquire what you salary for. Reliable definatly, more so than a corolla or camry even. Well, the is a camry engine so over there you go

Have u ever before even remained in a tC? The tC come with every little thing u would pay extra for in any kind of other car, walk in one prior to u knock it a#$hole.

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I drive an FM "06 because that over a year. If you review the entire short article you"ll watch that I"m not knocking the tC, I"m simply stating that is weak and solid points as with the OP wanted. I love the tC and also wish I could buy another one. Aparentally you haven"t been inside of a tC. What extra does that come with that a typical "06 vehicle dosent currently have (besides the summary sunroof)?
^^ I obtain what U to speak is no negative, slair, though it go sound that means when read. Ns agree 2900 or for this reason lbs is pretty traditional on a car right now, & may seem "light". It has actually a many standard options, yet you cant opt-out, so you dont gain many options per se .. There"s TRD & various other dealer set up stuff the fulfills the need. 1 thing my mam pointed out, price to change of the single-glass roof top top Spec can be a nitemareThe Camry I-4 has actually had problems in the past, v sludge & engine failures native ppl that neglected oil changes; but I think that"s every been functioned out. The horsepower & torque space on the level of other vehicles in that is class; as deserve to be said for Tc overall. Toyota go a decent job overdesigning this motor. The truth that aftermarket parts, next from required induction, do little to enhance the output, is testament to that.A various motor would"ve to be a better choice, one that can be modified an ext legally by TRD or aftermarket . It sucks I i do not know install mine AEM intake, or execute a nicer header there is no violating the examine Engine Light.As because that complaints about suspension .. It"s collection for touring, & conveniently upgraded, therefore no worries.My single complaint, is the the interior might have been a bit much better in layout, function, & materials .. I believe that is the primary fault the this car, that is gift implied.