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I know this is opinion for many people, yet I am highly considering purchasing one of these cars next week, yet wife is offered to buying regular gas, she refuses to let me purchase a car that needs premium fuel v the prices getting increase to virtually $4.00 here, and I understand she will finish up using regular, protest to premium. So question is, has actually anyone continually provided 87 instead of 91 in the 250 without any problems??Thanks!
most likely you will have actually problems..wont feeling the power of the car as your expect to...basically y obtain a deluxe car..when you not wanna invest money on gas....makes no sense to me...(IMHO)
Its between this or a completely loaded Camry, and I will certainly be driving the car half the time.. I simply wanted to check out if this to be a car where premium was absolutely required or simply reccomended. I don"t want to damage the car, yet im sure mam wont be racing anyone anytime soon.. Thx!

^^^Yeah read that. However like Onyx5spdSportx claimed why buy a Lexus if your not going come take an excellent care of it? It provides no sense. If you are worried around gas get the Camry. Or profession your mam for the Lexus and also get good gas. I removed mine. Hahahaha!
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I"ll admit I only read the an initial post however isn"t that about the IS300? The IS250 is a entirely different engine.

If her wifey is concerned about gas mileage... Obtain her a Honda Fit. Premium fuel yes, really doesn"t cost that lot more. It"s just a few dollars a tank.
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The IS250 has actually very small power to start with... To rob it the even more by saving $2-3 top top a tank of gas is insane.Will it operation on 87? Yes.Will it operation properly? no really.And yes, the thread connected to is for a completely different car/engine through a lower compression ratio and also entirely different fueling system.
On the other hand. Dealerships deliver the cars v 87 and also if they never acquire 91 or 93 you and also the automobile won"t recognize the difference.

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i do not agree badandyturbo. I think friend Would understand the difference and I don"t know about your dealership but where i obtained IS they to fill it through premium.But anyway thats besides the point.It"s a truth that the engine will have NO difficulties even if you usage 87 octane because that its entirety life. I have talked to a couple of people through older lexus"s and also have used 87 for over 100,000 miles through no problems. Power and also mileage will be robbed however it will certainly not damages the engine. Esp through the more recent cars all the sensors change timing and also O2 intake because that an anti-pinging. In other words, the engines adjust for different fuels and they execute it far better than they did 10 year ago. Every engines work-related the same. The gas goes in and ignites. The fuel has the very same properties even if it is its 91 or 87. 87 isn"t toxicity to the iron block or pistons etc. It every burns the same, her just getting less burn per each stroke.It"s yes, really rather an easy if friend think around it and this topic has actually been disputed a million times.Although this is all true, ns personally constantly use premium.