In this action by action guide, girlfriend will find instructions on how to change engine oil on most Kia four-cylinder engines.

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This oil change tutorial was created to help Kia owner that have actually the 4-cylinder engines (Theta II). Installed on countless models including Kia Rondo, Forte, Optima, Sportage, Sorento.


Warm increase the engine for 2 to 3 minutes, then revolve it off. It will aid with the exposed contaminations remix v the oil and also drain out through the old oil.Park the auto on level ground.

What you will need

5W-30 Engine OilMost commonly usedFull fabricated recommended


Open Hood

Start by ensuring the the emergency brakes have been set. Next, situate the hood release uncovered in the interior of the car. Traction the hood release till you listen the hood popular music up. Move to the front of the car and also release the latch, then lift the hood.

Raise vehicle

Using ramps makes transforming the oil a much easier job and also safer. If you arrangement on changing the oil regularly, you might want to consider investing in a set of ramps. Jack up the former of the Kia using the jack the came through your vehicle or an aluminum jack.

Secure Vehicle

Secure the auto with jack stands. Block the behind wheels.

Remove drainpipe Plug & drainpipe Oil

The beforehand Kias had actually an accessibility hole wherein you can drain the oil and remove the filter. Certain Kia models don"t have accessibility holes, so girlfriend will have to remove the 10 mm bolts and also pull under the skid dashboard to remove the oil filter and drain plug.

Watch the following video on how to remove the engine skid plate indigenous a 2016 Kia Optima.

Loosen oil drain bolt

Locate the drainpipe plug and remove the bolt. Usage a 17 mm socket to eliminate this bolt by turning it counter-clockwise. When you rest the bolt loose, you have the right to use your hands to eliminate the bolt. Make sure to have actually the oil pan under the oil drain hole.

Remove and also replace the oil filter.


Locate the oil filter. In the following picture, the oil filter was standing out as it is red. The filter can be gotten rid of by twisting it counterclockwise. Use oil filter pliers to eliminate the old oil filter. Oil may still be in the filter, therefore be mindful as you eliminate the old filter to avoid spilling oil on your hands.


Clean the surface ar where the oil filter will be installed.

Oil filter gasket


Apply engine oil to the gasket ~ above the brand-new oil filter.

Screw the new oil filter in and tighten that by hand. If you like to usage a speak wrench, tighten the filter come 11.5 ft-lb.

Add Engine Oil

Remove the oil filler cap on top of the engine. The oil filter cap should be labeled and also usually has actually the recommended oil kind stamped on it. Eliminate the lid by unscrewing the counterclockwise. Insert a funnel right into the oil filler hole.

Slowly to water the oil into the engine. Add the compelled quarts as suggested in her owner"s manual. As soon as you include the recommended amount of engine oil, reinstall the filler cap.

Check Engine Oil Level


Now we have to start the engine. Before you execute that, girlfriend should constantly check the engine oil level. Make sure the oil is below the complete mark but above the LOW.

Reset Oil company Interval

Once you make sure the oil level is right, you deserve to now start the engine. Don"t forget to reset the oil business reminder. In your Kia dashboard menu, look for the Distance come Service reminder.

The adhering to are indict on just how to reset the distance Reminder ~ above Kia Optima. These instructions may vary on various Kia models.

Press and also hold the RESET switch until the instrument cluster display screens Engine Oil business ReminderScroll down making use of the pilgrimage button and also select the Maintenace menu.Select an item. Press the RESET button again.Select the maintenance schedule. Keep in mind that this will rely on the oil and filter that you used. If you supplied conventional oil, friend would need to adjust your oil in 3000 miles. Some fabricated oils protect up come 15,000 miles.


Be cautious when draining the oil. If the engine hasn"t cooled down, the oil may be hot and cause burning. Enable at least 5 minutes for the old oil come drain. If time allows, allow the oil drainpipe for at least fifteen minute or more.Clean the drainpipe plug and the oil bolt using a clean, dry cloth. Reinstall the drain bolt using your hand first. This will ensure that the bolt start to go smoothly and no threads get damaged. If you have actually a new washer for the drain bolt, make sure to install it.Tighten the oil drainpipe plug by hand until it stops. Then tighten the bolt come 25 ft-lbs.

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Follow the instructions come learn how easy that is to adjust the engine oil top top Kia models.