In this article, we take into consideration the third-generation Chrysler Sebring (JS), developed from 2007 to 2010. Right here you will discover fuse crate diagrams the Chrysler Sebring 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, acquire information about the location of the fuse panels within the car, and also learn around the assignment of every fuse (fuse layout).

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A Totally combined Power Module is situated in the engine compartment close to the wait cleaner assembly.



Assignment that fuses in the TIPM (2007)

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Assignment of fuses in the TIPM (2008, 2009, 2010)CavityCartridge FuseMini FuseDescription
140 Amp GreenPower optimal Module -If Equipped
220 Amp YellowAWD Module
310 Amp RedBattery feeding - facility High mounted Stop light (CHMSL)/Brake Switch
410 Amp RedBattery feed - Ignition Switch
520 Amp YellowTrailer Tow -If Equipped
610 Amp RedIgnition Off attract (IOD) - power Mirror Switch/Climate Controls
730 Amp GreenIgnition Off attract (IOD) feeling 1
830 Amp GreenIgnition Off attract (IOD) sense 2
940 Amp GreenBattery feeding - power Seats - If Equipped/ PZEV wait Pump -If Equipped
1020 Amp YellowBattery feeding - Cabin Compartment Node (CCN)
1115 Amp Lt BlueSelectable strength Outlet
1220 Amp Yellow
1320 Amp Yellow
1410 Amp RedIgnition Off attract (IOD) - Cabin Compartment Node (CCN)/Interior Lighting
1540 Amp GreenBattery feed -Radiator fan Relay
1615 Amp Lt. BlueIGN Run/ACC - Cigar Lighter/PWR Sunroof Mod
1710 Amp RedIgnition Off attract (IOD) - Wireless regulate Module (WCM)/ Clock/Steering regulate Module (SCM)
1840 Amp GreenBattery feeding - Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay
1920 Amp YellowIgnition Off draw (IOD) - strength Amp feed 2 - If Equipped
2015 Amp Lt. BlueIgnition Off draw (IOD) - Radio
2110 Amp Red
2210 Amp RedIgnition run - Climate Controls/Hot Cup-holder - If Equipped
2315 Amp Lt. BlueAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feeding 3
2425 Amp NaturalBattery feeding — PWR Sunroof Feed
2510 Amp RedIgnition operation — Heated winter - If Equipped
2615 Amp Lt. BlueAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feed 2
2710 Amp RedIgnition run - Occupant group Module (OCM)/ Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
2810 Amp RedIgnition run — Occupant group Module (OCM)/ Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
29Hot auto (No Fuse Required)
3020 Amp YellowIgnition operation - Heated seat - If Equipped
3110 Amp Red
3230 Amp PinkAuto Shutdown (ASD) Relay feeding 1
3310 Amp RedBattery feed - move Bank/Diagnostic link Connector/Powertrain regulate Module (PCM)
3430 Amp PinkBattery feeding - Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Module - If Equipped/ electronic Stability manage (ESC) Module - If Equipped
3540 Amp GreenBattery feeding - Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) Module - If Equipped/ digital Stability control (ESC) Module - If Equipped
3630 Amp PinkBattery feed - Passenger Door Module (PDM)/Driver Door Module (DDM)
3725 Amp NaturalPower top Module -If Equipped