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Guys-I have practically 18k on mine truck and also no one dead a fuel filter because that my truck (I haven"t confirm the dealer yet). Walk it have the usual inline style, ns haven"t been under over there to look. I understand some trailblazers have them in the tank (yuk). Does anyone have actually a part number? Thanks-Jason

Well, the dealer wil bring it, might be pricy. Check with some males like or one of the other merchants in the marketplace, they deserve to probably assist out.
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The just engine ns am obtaining a fuel filter because that is the 4.3L as soon as I look the up. What engine execute you have?
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I just went come Costco to to fill up. The tanker truck to be there filling the tanks. Due to the fact that my Silverado"s fuel filter is also in mine tank I chosen to wait to fill the tank. Never buy gas if the tanker truck is pour it until it is full the tank. You are much more apt to obtain dirty fuel while this is walking on, or therefore I"ve read anyway.
alot of the 06 and up trucks have went to in tank filters and they not recommend replacemnet it rotates its time to service the fuel pump that is self

I have actually an 07 NBS silverado. Last year, mine truck began to stall as soon as I would avoid at a red light. I took the in thinking it to be the fuel filter, and I had the dealership look at it. As soon as I got it back they told me the the brand-new body style silverados execute not have actually fuel filters, but something called the fuel heat sensor. They replaced it and the truck runs great. Anywho, ns hope this helps..
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I have the 5.3. Thanks guys, like I said, ns haven"t crawled under and also looked, but I figured castle switched to the in tank filter (yuk).
I simply went to Costco to fill up. The tanker truck was there pour it until it is full the tanks. Since my Silverado"s fuel filter is additionally in my tank I elected to wait to to fill the tank. Never buy gas if the tanker truck is filling the tank. You are more apt to obtain dirty fuel while this is walk on, or so I"ve read anyway.

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Yea, I"ve to be told the same thing. It renders sense. I recognize the system has filters in it, yet I perform not know exactly how fine lock filter. Might as well follow that rule unless friend absolutely have to obtain fuel.
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