One of the the majority of widespread issues via a auto is a negative serpentine belt. If you suspect that your Cadillac DTS has actually this problem, we’ll give you the common symptoms listed below, and just how to relocation it.

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The good news is that serpentine belts are cheap, and also in the grand also system of things, fairly easy to replace. The sound that a bad serpentine belt renders is a squealing sound. It has actually a higher pitch than an engine rattling.


Bad Serpentine Belt Symptoms: Cadillac DTS

Here are the many widespread symptoms of a poor serpentine belt in the Cadillac DTS:

Squealing Belt

Often, the first authorize of a bad serpentine belt in your DTS is squealing. The squealing should match the engine RPM. That is to say, that once you rev the engine, the squeal transforms pitch accordingly.

It can additionally go away completely if you rev your engine a few times. This happens because the serpentine belt gets warmth in it and is able to grab aorganize of the pulleys. At this allude it is no much longer slipping. It’s a matter of time prior to revving the engine no longer corrects the difficulty.

A Usual Serpentine Belt

Visible Wear and Cracking on the Belt

As your serpentine belt periods, it will start to display visible indications of wear. These belts are not designed to last the life of an engine. A bad serpentine belt might have:

Glazing Cracks Smooth Surface Missing Pieces Unalso Wear Missing/Damaged Ribs

Any of these items are enough to relocation the belt.

Engine Accessories Not Working

The serpentine belt powers your engine accessories, such as the power steering pump and also air conditioning compressor. If these accessories are not working, that’s an indication that the serpentine belt is swarm or lacking entirely. Get a brand-new belt instantly.


The serpentine belt is responsible for turning the water pump in your DTS. If it falls short, water can no longer circulate throughout the engine. You likewise shouldn’t have actually power steering (although some vehicles now have actually electric power steering so be careful).

If the belt is off all the way, or the engine is overheating, execute not drive it somewbelow to have actually it looked at. Overheating the engine and also blowing a head gasket will certainly price method more than a brand-new serpentine belt.

Cadillac DTS Serpentine Belt Replacement

Replacing a serpentine belt is a straightforward procedure. Your DTS provides a tensioner to save the serpentine belt tight.

The initially thing you are going to should execute is find the tensioner and apply pressure to it in order to loosen the serpentine belt. Once you’ve used pressure you can pull the belt off of a sheave. Now, let off the tensioner gradually.

We recommend taking a snapshot of the belt route, and also making certain that you have a diagram of the path prior to taking the belt off. The last thing you desire is to not remember just how to get the belt earlier on. You need to check out a sticker under your DTS’s hood through serpentine belt course information.

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Here’s a great video from Scotty Kilmer on just how to adjust a serpentine belt:

Conclusion: Bad Serpentine Belt Diagnosis – DTS

Serpentine belt replacement is something that any shade tree mechanic can execute through very few devices. So if you have actually reason to believe that a poor serpentine belt is resulting in your Cadillac DTS’s engine to squeal, replacing it could be exactly what you need to perform.

If tright here is anypoint that you would favor to add, please leave a comment listed below. Good luck!