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Hello everyone. I have checked roughly the site, however I couldn"t find the answer to this. I have actually a 2005 camry le, but just currently the power outlet doesnt work. I have actually checked multiple items in both the outlets, yet none of castle work. I checked the fuses, but they every look fine. The items work in other cars, just not this camry. Have any of you had actually this problem?


Find the ONE fuse, either under the dash or under the hood, traction it, inspect with her ohm meter. If good, examine the lighter socket itself for voltage. Possibilities are you shorted it and also a fuse is blown.
2007 V6 Camry LE, constructed TMMK 27 September 06"People that think they understand it all are particularly irritating come those of us who do."
Power outlet no working require to check fuses, yet I don"t understand which fuse that is in the panel. I don"t have a diagram. Perform you recognize were ns can acquire a diagram?2006 Tundra

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