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Just obtained the oil changed on the Altima, looks choose the shop placed in 4.5 quarts that Mobil 1. Have to I drain a little bit of oil the end or will certainly it be fine?
Just gained the oil adjusted on the Altima, looks prefer the shop put in 4.5 quarts the Mobil 1. Have to I drainpipe a small bit the oil out or will it it is in fine?
Are you reasoning that they placed to lot oil? as soon as I got an oil adjust they put int 4 quarts. I have 05 3.5 SE

Nissan says as soon as you readjust your oil and also oil filter for the 3.5 you need to fill it with 4 1/4 quarts that oil. I usually placed 4 1/2 courts. Right here is the attach



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There is this small "thingy" under the hood of girlfriend car.....its in the left front of your engine......its referred to as a "dip stick" include your oil....then you inspect how much is in there with this "thingy"...its acquired a line the says....MIN....and one that says MAX....its yes, really cool.So you add 3.5 come 4 quarts that oil.....start your motor....let it run for about 10 seconds...then friend take the "dipstick" the end again....wipe it.....put it ago in....then traction it out....and examine it again...and add oil accordingly....quite the fix up tool..........lolololololololololololdipsticks!!!.....lolol
Anyone notification that the 07 v6 calls because that 4 7/8 qts of oil. I looked in ~ one and also the oil pan looked the same, i wonder what the transaction is

I typically put just 4 v oil-filter changedand 3.75L if no filter changethat amount was composed in the indict Manual
When I change the oil and also filter (Bosch), and put in 4.5; run it it rotates hot, shut it off and let it sit and also drain back=always ideal on the full mark.
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