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I"ve acquired a 2002 2.5L and also the manual says oil volume w/filter readjust is 3 7/8 quarts. After ~ my an initial oil change today it take it 4.5 quarts come refill. I"ve operation the engine, checked and rechecked and also I"m still not guite to the max line however close. Everyone else skilled this? i hope my dipstick is exactly otherwise I"m fear I could be floating the valves.
Did you examine the dipstick imediately after the engine was running??? The only way I deserve to get specific reading is to let the engine sit because that at the very least 30 minutes prior to I inspect the oil level.
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i understand when ns am lower in oil capacity, cuz mine valves will certainly tick. My auto has constantly had the tick, yet when i execute an oil adjust with 4.5qts the oil the mite becomes proper noticeable. I must take care of that mite though dammit...
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Thanks phreekee25. Choose Dloudy my owners hand-operated says 3 7/8qts (US measure) but I"m an ext likely to to trust the company manual. I"m an extremely surprised it would certainly be the different yet I do feel better knowing the organization manual states 4.5.
4.5 quarts is the correct amount however I placed 5 quarts because she burns part oil. So, ~ 6000/6 month you still have sufficient oil.
Maybe the volume is various for the 02-04 and also the 05-06. I have 2005 2.5 & 3.5 and both speak 4.5 us quarts.

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mine is an "02 and also the svc manual likewise says 4.5. I think they were saying that the owner"s manual has different numbers 보다 the business manual. :dunno:
mine is one "02 and the svc manual likewise says 4.5. I think they to be saying the the owner"s hands-on has various numbers 보다 the company manual. :dunno:
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hi saltima02,what is the oil bar when you put 5 quarts? above max mark, or just at the max mark? i think it is overfill and also not great for the engine.