I just hit 160,000km on my car and also finally began doing my very own oil changes. I tried penzoil and also wasn't happy. Appears to be idling rougher and also won't Rev down after beginning as quick. The car likewise went gutless for a bit. It might be all in my head but because the dealership can't tell me what they usage (esso bulk from when I experienced the truck) what execute you guys run?

I save thinking of making the switch to full synthetic. I have actually heard great things about Red Line, however at $22 a litre i don't think it's in my price range.

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Which oil have actually you all had actually success with?

I adjust it regularly so i am not really worries around sludge etc. Any other tips for hitting 160k? things I have to do?


Eneos 5w-20 synthetic, available from Napa Auto. Came from Amsoil 5w-20, i m sorry caused very noticeable oil consumption. 0.25 to practically a full quart, relying on my oil adjust intervals. Once I began using Eneos, ns no longer had actually to add any make up oil ~ above both mine 2007 and also 2008 2.3, each v over 100K miles.

I used Redline motor and also tranny oil lengthy ago. Don't know if the engine oil is an excellent since ns didn't have any used samples analyzed, however the MTL tranny oil wasn't that an excellent in the cold even when fresh. And also I live in a pretty warmth state.

At roughly 124K mile I readjusted my valve sheathe seals, together preventative maintenance. There to be no leaks and also the original seals looked very good still, therefore I more than likely didn't need to do it simply yet. I also adjusted my oil filler cap, due to the fact that there was some seepage. In retrospect I most likely could've just adjusted the gasket/o-ring ~ above it. I adjusted the o-ring ~ above the oil dipstick and MAP sensor because there to be a tiny bit that seepage over there too, and now the height of mine valve cover has actually been fully dry v no seepage for the critical 1K miles. The just thing i didn't tackle was the variable valve timing oil solenoid gasket, i beg your pardon I may do in ~ a later on date.

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The other thing i would check is the passenger next motor mount, and possibly the driver side/tranny mount. If neglected because that too lengthy they may fail and cause a most damage. I also had the water pump, coolant, and also thermostat changed. All OEM parts, yet I don't think the was necessary except for the thermostat IMHO. Certainly go OEM ~ above the thermostat. It just seems whenever a car starts come overheat, it becomes a large money pit to repair and is usually never ever the very same again, always prone to overheating also after being repaired.