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Cant it seems to be ~ to gain it over 95mph on level level ground.......Is it as result of the stock muffler or air filter or just my fat body.:71baldboy:
I don"t think they"re made to success MotoGP races. Pretty sure optimal speed is only detailed just over 110. If you desire to go over 95, maybe rent a sport bike, and also maybe execute it in ~ a closed track

Rather its auto or buke i like to recognize how rapid it will go incase i ever before need come go the fast. It was on a closed road i would not perform that on the highway.

TC: slow the hell down and also join the ranking of RESPONSIBLE STREET RIDERS. If you desire to go fast, go to the drag strip or a genuine track.before you guys are prefer "omg a cruiser at a track?!?!", i"ve checked out goldwings it is in tracked ~ above youtube, so it"s never ever out the the question. Serious though, SLOW. DOWN. You"ve uncovered your max speed, live with it. Girlfriend don"t hear me crying about how my 600R struggles over 125 with "only" 85 RWHP....
The top speed is most likely being identified by the rev limiter, so over there isn"t something you might do through the input or exhaust to rise it. Girlfriend may be able to get a grasp of speech at a cost of fuel economy, but that wouldn"t rise the height speed, it would certainly just obtain you there a tad faster. Being a shaft drive, the would more than likely be an high value proposition to change the last drive ratio to increase the peak speed. An various other option may be to use a more radical cam and heavy duty valve springs to boost the best RPM potential of the engine. All in all though, it"s going to take a chunk the money and work to coax a few more miles per hour out of the bike. The finest option would most likely be a larger bike. Afternoon a connect to the snapshot you would choose to post and I"ll add it to your post.

so you have actually a exclusive stretch of road to execute high speed runs on??? where deserve to i authorize up?seriously, 45 hp isn"t going to take you previous 100 mph in a bike the weighs that much. Forget it.

I had actually my zero 750 up to about 95 top top the autobahn... 95 is much more than fast enough for me, for this reason I had no worries. Ns wanted much more torque therefore that when I had the wife on board I could get up to rate quicker... Ns bought a HD FLHTCU (Electra Glide)... No I have comfort and the motor to get me up to speed :thumbsup:

Private run way
The run method is precise a operation way....Bryson City plane --- its a little private airport the is mostly unused other than by a couple of people here in town and then only as soon as every few years.I didnt realize the onlt had 45HP wonder a 600cc sport bike is sooooo much quicker they have like 80HP
I no realize it onlt had 45HP wonder a 600cc sports bike is sooooo much much faster they have like 80HP
Modern 600s run over 100HP. They are able to create this by gift able to run at much greater RPM 보다 a V-Twin.
Modern 600s operation over 100HP. They space able to create this by being able to operation at much greater RPM than a V-Twin.
the "09 R6 is asserted 135 crank hp....which is about as positive as their tachometer....the "07 was declared at 127 or so. Honda"s claim for the "09 cbr gift 118 is a bit more realistic.actual sport rider RWHP dyno number from this year"s shootout:CBR600RR: 100.5
14,250mind you, this year model lineup has been lot more limited than the mid-2000"s era bikes were, and also with a full exhaust you can expect some fairly nice gains compared to similar exhausts on previously models.
Top speed, vt750 aero
Hello,I have actually a 2007 750 Aero, pushing a Memphis Slim windshield. On flat ground, no wind, ns can gain 107/8 out of it. I would certainly think there is no a windshield, driver in a tuck, might go 115, probably peg that IDK????? Don"t know about any other bikes together this is likewise my an initial bike. I don"t anticipate walking that speed again, but like countless riders, I wanted to see what the maker would do. Currently it"s always within the speed limit. It keeps the male off my back and saves money, plus, what"s the point? I execute like this bike. The does have actually Cobra Street stick exhaust with carb. And also air filter mods; probably this renders a difference. Good looking and good running bike. Would certainly buy again. :thumbsup:
Just to buy me a "05 aero around a month ago. Ran it down I57 in illinois and hit ~103. Cycle is completely stock, 1/ tank that gas, 250# rider, no fairing. Temp was about 60 i believe with a 5 mph overcome wind.

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Top speed.
I too have a 45 hp bike. That is an XS400. When new a skinny kid in leathers gained one come nudge 100 mph.But currently with the windshield, foot guards, ammo boxes, rear height box and also a bunch of other gear, the darn point barely nudges 90.I have one more bike that makes 95 hp and also weighs as well much. Very same skinny kid got 120 plus out of this bikes when new. However again, v all the extra equipment I have actually bolted on, that is not stable enough after about 95.Short story is: If you desire to go fast buy a fast bike. So I have actually one of them too. It makes sufficient power to get rid of the drag of all the cruising type gear. Shirley has actually been 110 ~ above the back of this one.Unkle Crusty*
I can not remember that far back. I was 141 in ~ 14 and also currently roughly 165. Promised the doc I would certainly drop come the 160s during my 60s, and 150s during my seventies. I have ten month to do that. 159 is attainable as I have actually done that already, however only for a brief while.The skinny child would now be in his 50s if was was twenty ago then.Unkle Crusty*
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