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I have only the top brake light functioning while the revolve signals and also brakes room inop on mine 2007 1500. I had actually it diagnosed through a neighborhood repair shop and they report that is the TIPM the is failing. Ns am averse come spending $1K for this uneven absolutely necessary. I believed of tapping right into the upper brake irradiate circuit. Anyone have experience or thoughts on this?
Neither front nor rear revolve signals work? Are you certain the fuses in the TIPM are good and well seated?I wonder if they confirm or reseated the connectors under the TIPM. The front rotate signals are on connector 5, and also the rear turn/brake signals space on connector 6.If you want to check for yourself, ns can offer you the connector pins and wire colors. You need a meter or a check light to examine it.
The front rotate signals work-related fine. I have actually checked the fuses and a trusted mechanic troubleshot the system after ns did. They supplied a meter come check. Once they troubleshot it to the TIPM, castle stopped since they were not familar with the module configuration.At this allude I"m do the efforts to number out how to tie into an additional circuit ie the cab brake light or some various other fix besides buying a brand-new TIPM.
Turn/Brake Wiring
:thk:Left Front revolve from TIPM Connector 5 pen 1 ~ above a WHITE/LIGHT eco-friendly wireRight Front turn from TIPM Connector 5 pin 2 top top a WHITE/TAN wireLeft behind Turn/Brake from TIPM Connector 6 pin 4 on a WHITE/DARK environment-friendly wireRight behind Turn/Brake native TIPM Connector 6 pin 6 ~ above a WHITE/YELLOW wire:thk:
Problem with tapping right into the various other circuits is that rear turn and also brake space on the exact same circuit. Would have to use relays and also somehow separate brake and also turn signals.The easiest means to gain rear turn signals is to usage relays linked to the front rotate signal wires to regulate the rear ones. Simply don"t tie them with each other without making use of relays. Can overload the prior drivers.If you execute this, the brake irradiate circuit will have to be separated.

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Found something for "08 - "11 because that separating turn and brake light attributes that looks favor what you need. Inspect with dealer to watch if it can be excellent for her "07.
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