One that the most spacious five-passenger compact cars native the residence of Mercedes-Benz isthe C- class. This compact auto was produced and marketed by Mercedes-Benz indigenous the year2000-2007. This certain model is the 2nd generation the the exact same C-class the is a sedanwith a three-door hatchback. The popularity among the urban users because that a compact vehicle isevident, and also Mercedes-Benz offers an apt equipment for them as C-Class.

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The 2nd generation C-Class was introduced in 2000, and also specifically, the sales began inSeptember 2000. This to be the entry-level design from Mercedes it spins 1997. When it come tosedan class, Mercedes has actually its excellence in providing much better space and looks.

Mercedes-Benz C Class: 2nd Generation - W203

This sedan course from Mercedes-Benz was an initial launched with the V6 Petrol engine. Apartfrom that, the diesel engine comes v rail direct fuel injection v variable geometryturbochargers the enormously increases the performance of this coupe. It was equippedwith six-speed hand-operated gearboxes, which was the traditional at the time.

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The popularity of this sedan is quite huge as it has over two million sales it rotates 20 Sep2006 i beg your pardon provides substantial information around the exposure the C- Class. In this,different tiny upgrades do it quite renowned and aid sales. The assorted models areequipped with tiny detailing which is the crux the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 

At the time, the sales the this car entail the totality story. Through the an excellent mechanism ofthis car, one have the right to take maximum advantages Mercedes has offered primary importance to thisfive-passenger auto as the gained enormous popularity and achieved top sales in the minimumtime possible. Mercedes W203 got tremendous services from this model and likewise acquired themarket share v ease. Opting because that this van deserve to be the finest investment as result of its effectivefeatures.

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Fuse box diagram


Fuse box is situated in engine compartment, luggage compartment and also passenger compartment

DescriptionFuse number
Airbag warning lamps41,42,4549
Airbag/side airbag regulate unit45,49
Air-conditioner (SE)41,51
Anti-thef alarm (SE)8,9,41
Automatic heater system41
Auxiliary heater (SE)35
Blower engine (heater/AC)30,41
Breake lights62
Central locking21,22,32,33,57
Central locking – internal switch41
Convenience locking8,9,21,22,32,33,
Courtesy lights (SE)21,22
Diagnostic socket62
Dipped deam62,63
Dome lights3,9
E-Call/TeleAid (SE)40,44
Electronic stability Program55,56,57,59,60,62
Engine electronics48,53,54
Engine fan51
Engine residual warmth system (SE)30,41,51
Fog lampselectronic
Fog tail lightelectronic
Fuel filter flap unlocking15
Fuel pump4
Garage door opener (SE)9
Glove compartment light47
Hazard warning flashers41
Headlamp flasher electronic
Headlamp selection adjust (SE)51
Headlamp washer mechanism (SE)63
Heated rear window10,41
High beam, high beam tell-taleelectronic
Instrument cluster42
Language manage system (SE)13,16
License bowl illuminationelectronic
Locking check-backelectronic
Low beam62,63
Main beam, m. B. Indic. Lampelectronic
Make-up winter (SE)9
Mirror adjustment21,22,63
Mirror automatic dimming (SE)9,21
Mirror fold-in function (SE)21,22,63
Mirror heater21,22
Multi-contour backrest (SA)13,19
Multi-function steering wheelelectronic
Navigation mechanism (SE)64
Number plate light electronic
Parking lamps/tail lampselectronic
Parktronic system (SE)13,41
Power socket, boot (SE)12
Power window, front21,22
Power window, rear21,32,33
Rain sensor (SE)9
Rear fog lightelectronic
Rear head release41
Rear windscreen wash system14,41
Remote boot/trunk release8,21
Reversing lamps electronic
Seat adjustment, driver2,21,27,(29 sp.-coupe)
Seat adjustment, passenger1,22,38,(34 sp.-coupe)
Seat heater (SE)25,41
Sound mechanism (SE)26
Start enable31,52,57
Steering lock31
Steering wheel adjustment (SE)2,21,27,(29 sp.-coupe)
Sun remote for rear window (SE)20,41
Switch illumination9,21,22,32,33,41,50
Tele help (SE)/E-Call40,44
Telephone solution (SE)13,16,40,44
Television (SE)3
Tilting/sliding roof (SE)9
Trailer lamp (SE)17
Trailer, strength supply (SE)18
Transmission electronics (SE)55,58,61
Turn signal, t. S. Indicator lampelectronic
Water pump (AMG-Kompressor)5
Windscreen washer pumpelectronic
Windscreen wiper46
Fuse numberAmpsColor
3,5,8,16,40,42,45,49,51,(54 Diesel),557,5brown
12,14,41,43,47,48,52,(53,54 gasoline),6115blue