Anybody right into their ATVs will know that the Honda FourTrax line continues to be a staple offering of the company. This vehicles are marketed as being ‘big, strong, and also powerful’. The Honda Rancher 350 was the 2nd product in this line, although the was never emblazoned with the FourTrax branding. Any type of ATV in this line descends native the Rancher 300 and also 350. Buying a used Honda Rancher 350 allows buyers come secure a good vehicle in ~ a low price.

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Specifications and Features

As the surname suggests, the Rancher 350 is designed to be a workhorse. It is for those that require a the majority of behind your vehicle, but do not desire to it is in paying v the nose for the privilege.


The four-stroke engine is at the heart of the Rancher 350. This an effective motor is may be to enable the vehicle to struggle a height speed of about 40mph in ideal conditions.

The drivetrain in the Rancher 350 is unique. There space two options. Both of these have four gears, plus reverse gear. There is the standard gear transition option. However, the most preferable version that the 350 is the models that had actually the Electric transition System installed. This enables drivers to effortlessly change gears through the push of a single button.

As with most Honda ATVs, this vehicles come equipped v Bridgestone tires. However, unless the ATV no get any type of use, these tires would have long since been replaced. Nowadays, any type of prospective buyer will must ask the seller i m sorry tires space fitted. Although, that course, these have the right to just be changed if required.

Suspension top top this ATV is quite standard. Over there is a double-wishbone in ~ the front, coupled with arms in ~ the top and bottom. ~ above the back, there is a single swing arm coupled v a shock absorber. The suspension there is no been specifically designed for major off-roading. Instead, it has been designed because that a couple of bumps while tending areas or ranches. The is a work-related vehicle, ~ all.

The brakes space your common hydraulic drum and mechanical drum combination. This sit at the front and also the behind of the car respectively. This permits fast and efficient braking.

One look at the vehicle will display just what it has been developed for. It has actually been designed through power in mind. However, the dimension of the car is quite deceptive. While the is a larger ATV, that is surprisingly light. In the best hands, that is able to accomplish what numerous other similarly sized ATVs cannot.

Model year Available

The Rancher 350 was produced in between 2000 and 2006. For part of that life, the manufacturing of this auto actually overlapped v that the its successor, the Rancher 400. This goes to show just how in-demand the 350 was at the time.

Unlike numerous other ATV models, the 350 didn’t yes, really get significant upgrades each year. There to be no need. It was a an excellent enough design for the price also at launch. That course, buyers will still desire to look for the later on models the the 350, if just for the truth that countless of them have actually been offered for a lot much less time. Although, a few small enhancements were made from 2004 onward, i m sorry many people claim make a much smoother ride. Although, most human being wouldn’t most likely want to salary the extra cash for that benefit alone.

How much is a Honda Rancher 350 Worth?

The Honda Rancher 350 nowadays sells for in between $1,500 and $3,000. This is dependence on the design year and also the problem of the 350. This is far below the initial retail price that $5,000 because that the base version of the Rancher 350.

The problem with the Rancher 350 is no so lot the price. That is the fact that they room such a good model that a lot of of human being never finish up marketing theirs. This means that buyers will have to be incredibly lucky to track one down. This is the hallmark the a an excellent vehicle.

Pros that the Honda Rancher 350

This is a auto that has been designed come be supplied day-in, day-out v the minimum of fuss.

Despite critical being made well end a te ago, a many the Rancher 350s still being used have actually barely had actually to undergo any kind of maintenance. They space still gift ridden, some without any changes in the preventive parts. It just works. Also if that did magically stop working one day, the spare components for the 350 are straightforward to source. Most companies that attend to ATV repair will have easy accessibility to them.


It is a vehicle that controls beautifully too. A many of world riding the Rancher 350 introduce it come those that have never owned an ATV before. This is rare for together a big vehicle. However, this goes to display the level of trust that world have in the Rancher make riding as an easy as possible.

Cons that the Honda Rancher 350

There aren’t that many major issues through the Honda Rancher 350.

Perhaps the main complaint is the it doesn’t execute brilliantly fine while traveling at slower speeds. However, this is going to be fine under the 5mph mark, i m sorry most human being will most likely never be traveling at anyway.

The other worries are more due to the age of the vehicle. This way a little bit of engine spluttering here, and also some looseness in the components here. However, as the advantages suggested, this isn’t yes, really a major problem. There are still preventive parts easily accessible for the 350, and also there will be because that a lengthy time come come. This way that if there are any type of issues with the components, lock can conveniently be swapped the end for miscellaneous better.

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The Rancher 350 is designed because that those that desire a working vehicle. As long as somebody isn’t also keen top top doing large amounts of off-roading, or also a bit of ATV racing, the 350 is capable. Over there is a factor why Honda manufactured this automobile for for this reason long, and also there is a reason why many civilization do not desire to offer theirs, even with more modern options being available.