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Your fuel filter is inside your fuel tank and also it is part of your fuel module. I have actually some photos of it on here somewhere. It"s a lifetime filter. To replace it you must drop the tank and also replace the whole fuel module. No cheap!

Thanks for the help. I guess ns don"t need to worry about the fuel filter. Together for the oil the dealer adjusted it. I was wondering will certainly it notify me also though i have the basics. All ns see once i toggle is pilgrimage miles, odometer and also engine hrs (not diesel).thanks
No. The only means your car will notify you it"s time to readjust the fuel filter, is when it has actually no fuel pressure and also it stalls or doesn"t start. You probably will be safe till around 180 to 200,000 miles. The is IF girlfriend buy quality fuel there is no ethanol.
Sorry to hijack the object here, but my fuel filter is on the structure rail, forward of the fuel tank. Once did GM start putting them into the fuel tank?
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I was intrigued by this subject cuz I believed someone misunderstood what he was asking. Then i went back to reread the original "questions" when I realized he request "2" questions..lolVery amazing blog Gordon. Yeah, I"m sure that would certainly not be a cheap fix! make it simpler for those interested in finding and reading the stated blog:Gordon"s Blog - Why friend can"t discover your fuel filter?
I walk ask two questions.#1 whereby is the filter. The was answered. Thank YOU for the blogs.#2 to be I have a 2006 LT will certainly it phone call me when i need an oil change? ns don"t have the DIC together an choice for the truck.thanks
I looked and also it referred to the DIC. I figured since i don"t have that attribute i far better rely top top mileage. Cool I will wait to view what that says. I have 3000 miles because my last oil change.
I looked and it described the DIC. Ns figured since i don"t have actually that function i better rely top top mileage. Cool I will certainly wait to check out what that says. I have 3000 miles since my last oil change.

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The digital area wherein your equipment shift choice is and odometer are is your DIC and also the van will automatically give friend a change oil message. To reset it, if you readjust your own oil, rotate the key to the operation position and press the gas pedal every the means to the floor 3 time in 5 seconds.
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