Otherwise well-known as the push sensor, the F150 MAP Sensor is what you engine computer relies on come know just how much waiting is heading right into your engine. The MAP sensor is likewise known as the manifold absolute push sensor. An installed into the engine bay, this sensor is connected to her intake manifold by a vacuum hose. It’s associated to a 3 pin engine harness and over time this F150 MAP sensor can foul on you or fail completely.

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Today I’ll be showing you exactly how to check the F150 MAP sensor in a 1996 Ford truck. This van is a fifty percent ton truck through a 5.8 liter engine, and also has a check engine irradiate on because that the press sensor.

There’s among two means you can examine the trouble code in this truck, if you take place to very own a OBDI version of this car the code is very different than the 5 digit OBDII code.

Trouble codes for a bad F150 MAP sensor

Although among the more obvious indications of your F150 having troubles is your trouble code light, that can also be hard to start. Failure MAP sensor in your Ford truck deserve to cause beginning problems through your F150. Your idle will additionally suffer and also your gas mileage will certainly be an extremely bad.

The trouble codes for this particular failed part vary, here’s just a couple of below :

Code 22: MAP Sensor out of RangeCode 72: inadequate MAP change During Dynamic solution TestCode 128: MAP Sensor Vacuum hose Damaged or Disconnected

In order to test her MAP sensor, you’ll have to use a digital multimeter. Once you are ready to test your Ford F150 MAP unit, insert her ignition key and turn to the “ON” position. This powers up the sensors in your engine bay, and enables you to check for operation.

Testing your Ford F150 MAP Sensor

Locate your F150 MAP sensor by tracing ago the vacuum water tap from your intake manifold. Now disconnect the 3 pin wiring harness, and you’ll be check the ENGINE harness next of the plug.


The 3 wires space power ground and also the signal wires to your manifold press sensor. Experimentation your F150 MAP Sensor for strength is the first wire to examine for, and to start we’ll be making use of the multimeter. Placed the black color lead of your multimeter on the an adverse terminal of your battery, and also you’ll be gently probing the ENGINE harness because that power.

Testing the F150 MAP Sensor because that Power

Now the you’ve obtained the manifold push sensor disconnected, friend can start testing. The first wire we’ll start with is the switched strength signal from her engine computer. This cable is the one the leads to pin A on your three pin connector.


There must be 5 volts in ~ this wire, i beg your pardon is the left many pin when you are facing the back of the harness.

The next wire to check at the engine harness is the low recommendation wire. The ground cable is the one the leads to pen C.

Because both power and ground to your F150 MAP sensor are provided by her engine computer, make sure to protect against crossing the two. If you accidentally cross power or floor you operation the hazard of burning the end your Powertrain control Module. If your press sensor is obtaining power and also ground however your F150 truck isn’t running right, you should test the signal wire.

Using a vacuum hand pump to check signal

Automotive hand pumps can use vacuum come the inlet of her Ford MAP sensor. This replicates the procedure of her engine, since when her 5.8 liter engine starts the engine create vacuum in ~ the MAP sensor inlet. To execute this you’ll should disconnect the vacuum line to her intake manifold and put it come the vacuum hand pump.

You’ll need to reconnect your F150 MAP sensor because that this component of the DIY tutorial. When the harness is connected, you’ll need to pierce the center wire or the wire the leads to pen B. Rotate the dial of your multimeter to read Hertz or Hz. Your manifold absolute press sensor reads the vacuum at the intake manifold and send this Hertz signal to her engine computer.

Leave the F150 ignition turned to the top top position but do not begin the engine. Through your multimeter command pierced you have the right to read the signal being sent out from your MAP sensor. Review the voltage signal v no adjust to press first, and also the analysis at pen B must be about 152 Hz.

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Now apply 5 in. Hg that vacuum and this analysis should reduced to 141 Hz. Increase the vacuum come 10in. Hg and the reading need to hover around 127 Hz. Now raise the vacuum in ~ the MAP inlet to 15 in. Hg i m sorry should lower the signal to 114 Hz.

If your Ford F150 MAP sensor doesn’t respond through these values, you require a instead of MAP. Remember that these values are an estimate and that your sensor will most likely vary a tad. If you have any much more questions around this DIY indict on experimentation your F150 MAP Sensor, leave us a comment below and also let united state know!