The accessory journey belt connect the crankshaft to all the an important accessories your vehicle needs. These are the wait conditioning, strength steering, alternator, and water pump. Due to the fact that the Ram uses the serpentine belt to revolve the water pump, when the belt breaks you are required to involved a stop.

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This article uses to the Dodge ram (2002-2008).

The serpentine belt is made of a rubber compound and is grooved for optimal friction with the accessory pulleys. A serpentine belt tensioner is offered to save the amount of friction at the suitable level. Evade recommends transforming the serpentine belt in between 75,000 and also 90,000 miles. As soon as the belt wears, cracks develop and also it starts to stretch. This outcomes in a ns of efficiency in your accessories together the belt slips top top the pulleys. Squealing is commonly heard native slipping belts back water/dirt ~ above the belt can cause comparable sounds. Make certain the shielding roughly your wheels and also engine is enclosed for full serpentine belt life.


Materials NeededSerpentine beltRatchet and 15mm socket (3.7 and also 4.7 engines)3/8" ratchet (5.7 engine)Rubber glovesSafety glasses

The procedure for the 5.7 hem engine different from the 3.7/4.7 engines.

Step 1 – remove the serpentine belt

For owners through the 5.7 liter engine, you will need a 3/8" ratchet (preferably long-handled). Top top the tensioner you will see/feel a recessed area where the ratchet is designed come fit into. Once the ratchet is connected, move the tensioner clockwise to relax the anxiety from the belt. When holding the tensioner in this position, remove the belt native the most obtainable pulley and untangle it the end of the engine.

Owners through the 4.7 and 3.7 liter engines will require a ratchet v a 15mm socket. Turn the 15mm headed bolt top top the tensioner pulley-block clockwise and remove the belt from the most easily accessible pulley. Then remove it native the engine.

Figure 1. The red circle shows the ar of the an are where her 3/8" ratchet snaps into.
Figure 2. The red circle shows the place of the 15mm top bolt ~ above the 4.7 and 3.7 engines.

Step 2 – download the brand-new serpentine belt

With the belt off, compare the sizes of both the old and new. They should be comparable in length, and the number of ribs requirements to it is in the same. The ribbed side of the belt will challenge the ribbed pulleys, and also the smooth side of the belt will confront the smooth pulleys.

Use the numbers in figure 3 for the ingredient locations. For the 5.7 begin by routing the belt approximately the alternator wheel (8) climate down and also around the tensioner (7). Continue around the idler sheave (5) then around the harmonic balancer (4). Following up is the water pump (2) climate the power steering (3). The belt will certainly then with the A/C compressor. Now grab her 3/8" ratchet and also turn the tensioner clockwise again. If doing so, move the last ar of the belt over the second idler pulley (9). Before you relax the tensioner, make certain the belt is focused over the pulleys and the ribs are correctly set into the pulley-block grooves. Relax the tensioner slowly and also smoothly.

Begin the 4.7 and also 3.7 serpentine belt installation by routing the belt roughly the alternator/generator pulley then under the water pump pulley. Now relocate it over the A/C pulley and also down the external of the tensioner. Continue to relocate the belt end the idler pulley-block then down and around the crankshaft wheel to the external of the power steering pulley. At this suggest you will have actually ran out of belt length. Remove the belt from the idler pulley-block or water pump pulley and install the onto the power steering pulley. Usage your ratchet and 15mm socket to relocate the tensioner and also simultaneously course the belt onto the idler pulley-block or water pump pulley. It"s simplest to make them last due to the fact that they are smooth and it"s simpler to on slide the belt ~ above them. Make sure the belt is focused on the pulleys and the ribs are correctly collection into the pulley grooves. Now release the tensioner slowly and smoothly.

Figure 3. The 5.7 hem serpentine belt diagram.
Figure 4. The 4.7 and also 3.7 engine serpentine belt diagram.

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Step 3 – examine your work

Start the engine and watch the belt as it rides ~ above the pulleys. Ideally you must not view it move side to side which indicates the belt is centered. If squealing is current there may be dirt on the belt or pulleys. Spray the pulleys down with compressed air. A "belt dressing" can additionally be purchased native your local parts store.