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Hello everyone, been lurking for a while reading all the many information posts. I\"m getting bored through stock 18\" rims & am looking for a 22\" set. What execute you males think ? any kind of vendors ~ above this board?
I think 22 inch rims would cause you too numerous headaches. The speedometer would not display accurate speed which would in turn cause other issues.
It is your car... Execute what you want to through it...But in my opinion... I would not desire the large ol\" wheels and also rubber tape tires top top \"MY\"
car...Texas Jim
I\"m okay v the speedometer, castle would simply be a summer thing. On one more note , being a heavy auto I was wondering if anyone has upgraded the rotors & calipers?
Don\"t sweat it. There\"s a male on here with 28\"s and has no difficulties with the drive or speedometer. I\"ve experiment this theory out by driving at those indicators that tell friend how fast you\"re driving. Mine speedometer and the authorize matched the whole time.

I placed 22s on a 2002 STS ns had. No troubles with anything. I pulled them off from Nov-March time frame just to avoid the salt top top the roads eating away at the chrome. If you do want to update the brakes it wouldn\"t be a bad idea... The just thing ns did was readjust to ceramic pads which leaving alot much less dust on the rims. I at this time have a 06 DTS i beg your pardon I will certainly be putting 22s on this spring. Friend will shed the \"Cadillac\" ride, but it still rides much better than most cars IMO.
Well, you\"re do a significant change to the unsprung load of the vehicle which will certainly negatively impact the handling and the ride. So, ok, you can attend to a firmer ride, yet you\"re most likely jeopardizing her braking distances and emergency handling. Upgrades to the brakes should be considered if not for your safety and also the security of your passengers, yet for the safety and security of those who you might run right into in the occasion of one emergency maneuver.

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Back come the brakes/rotors. Any type of one upgrade to something comparable to the brakes/calipers/rotors top top the V collection Cads?
Nope. Looks nice.
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