The Polaris Predator 500 highlights the latest technology in the ATV industry, and also its advanced handling, suspension, and power calculation make the a hit v riders of every kinds. It is certainly one the the best-rounded ATVs of its time. So lot so the Jerrod Kelly, ATV sporting activities Magazine Editor, pertained to it together a quad the “does not alienate the mean rider or recreational rider, however it has actually the potential to execute in compete formats.”

Featuring rugged axles, knobby tires, and competition-style shocks, the manufacturing of the Polaris Predator 500 target the racing crowd. It’s lean style, heavy-duty features, and premium performance got Matt Smiley 2 podiums and top-ten finishes during the GNCC season and also the sports Quad of The Year in 2005.

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Do you want to uncover out exactly how this rough beauty bagged lot of awards in three years? keep on reading as this write-up will sheathe reviews, specs and features, and answers to your top questions about the Polaris Predator 500.

About Polaris Predator 500

The Polaris Predator 500 is a 41-HP, all-terrain sport quad that provides smooth performance and also adequate strength for the competent rider, and also was manufactured by Polaris Inc. From 2003 till 2007. Due to the fact that of the design and also functionality, it won an superior slew of accolades, including the much sought-after sports ATV that The Year award.

2004 saw the production of ’04 Polaris Predator 500 that came in two versions – standard and Troy Lee minimal edition quads, which continued the year after. In 2006, Polaris transformed its signature troy Lee design (TLD) design from a restricted edition come a standard giving in the ’06 Polaris Predator 500 lineup.


Polaris Predator 500 – Pros and Cons


Handling – many Predator owner love their machines, i m sorry is nothing new from a quad that has won numerous awards. The is no only tough on trails, but it can tear increase any part of a dune quicker than most of that counterparts and is ideal for hill climbing. It is a trace beast (due to its hook-up and acceleration factors) and handles excellently top top twisty and also straight stretches. Its flexible suspension makes it perfect because that motocross tracks and also popping wheelies when you get the hang of it, many thanks to its 415-pound weight and also some young mods.Steering system – Its distinct PRO (Polaris driver Optimized) steering system allows for the Predator to it is in thrown into turns and the driver to save his braking till the last possible second. The PRO, together with anti-dive and also anti-squat suspension systems, provides the Preddy its distinct dealing with characteristic and tailor-fits come the owner’s riding format and selection of terrain. The fox shocks and the Polaris Predator 500 tires also add a quite touch that aftermarket flare to the quad.Easy to find Part – Polaris Predator 500 aftermarket components are also easy come score. Plenty of online retailers and dealers offer impressive selections the Polaris Predator 500 components hassle-free. There are even an excellent ones the end there that administer online schematics and diagrams for you to monitor – make garage modifications convenient and eliminating the must pay extra because that a mechanic come put everything together.


Stock carb – Naturally, the Polaris Predator 500 is no without its flaws. Because that one, countless enthusiasts find the stock carb horrible and detrimental to the quad reaching top speed. A fast fix would be to readjust the sprockets. However, recognize sprockets because that a 2005 model has proven challenging for people because of changes made v the guard.The seats – Seats likewise take some time come familiarize in. For aggressive riders who discover themselves standing many of the time, this is not lot of an issue. However for longer trail rides, it have the right to be rather uncomfortable. No to mention that the seat provides it difficult to transition and regulate the quad in rougher terrain.Power changing limitation – another complaint around the Predator is its power changing limitation. Models native 2003 and 2004 did not permit full-throttle shifts in between gears, which interpret into shed momentum, and also it had no reverse.

Polaris Predator 500 vs. Yamaha Raptor 660

Numerous “comparison” test drives have currently between done in between the Raptor and also the Predator by numerous magazines and ATV enthusiasts. If the Raptor horsepower is king, the falls 2nd to the Predator in regards to handling and suspension on trails and race tracks. Top top the contrary, the Predator is not as torquey as the Raptor in the lower RPMs.

Being in the Know

What oil go a Polaris Predator 500 take?Experts recommend making use of PS-4 oil as soon as performing maintain oil alters on your Predator 500 ATV. Girlfriend can additionally go for AmSoil (for Polaris Predator 90cc) or any kind of synthetic 10W-40 oil type.How lot is a Polaris Predator 500 worth?A provided Polaris Predator 500 in an excellent working problem ranges native $1600 come $2800. TLD version quads cost an ext and have the right to go up to $5400 (with mods). A Polaris Predator 90cc costs between $750 come $2,399.How execute I get much more power to my Polaris Predator 500 there is no cracking the engine open?Adding a direct mounted K&N filter and also a rev box is something the you can do. Upgrade to a Dynatek CDI box or big Gun Rev Limiter crate if you have actually the extra cash. Veterans carry out not introduce going because that an inexpensive rev box, as this have the right to do an ext harm than good. Just make sure you have actually a fresh battery too, or you will run right into problems.

About Polaris

Polaris Inc. Is one American manufacturer based in Minnesota and is the device of Polaris Predator 500. This company is better known in the ATV people for its energy vehicles however has also been a leading force in snowmobile racing for the previous decade. Castle have much more than 7,800 specialized global employee working greatly to uphold the company’s core values and also continue to carry out value for their customers.

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Conclusion – Polaris Predator 500

Not just your usual sport quad, the Polaris Predator 500 is a multi-awarded performance maker that have the right to throw gnarly roosts in the dunes and also soak up landings in top fashion. This toughie can conveniently smoke Z400s and beat stock Raptors in a heartbeat. Desire a sweet ride? Okay, sufficient looking.