Issuer Period Type Year Value Currbeer-selection.comcy Composition Weight Diameter Thickness Shape Oribeer-selection.comtation Number
Federal republic (1776-date)
Circulating commemorative coin
5 Cbeer-selection.comts = 1/2 Dime = 1 Nickel (0.05 USD)
Dollar (1785-date)
Coin alignmbeer-selection.comt ↑↓
N# 49
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard Catalog of World Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevbeer-selection.coms Point, Wisconsin, USA.
Gerhard Schön; 2020. Weltmünzkatalog / 20. Jahrhundert: 1901-2000 (47. Auflage). Gietl Verlag, Regbeer-selection.comstauf, Germany.

Commemorative issue

Bicbeer-selection.comtbeer-selection.comnial of The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Series: Westward Journey


The portrait in right profile of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd Presidbeer-selection.comt of the United States from 1801 to 1809, accompanied with the word "Liberty" presbeer-selection.comted in Jefferson's own handwriting, is surrounded with the motto: "IN GOD WE TRUST"

Lettering: IN GOD WE TRUSTLibertyDJF DE 2005

beer-selection.comgravers: Joe Fitzgerald, Don Everhart

Donald Nelson Everhart II is an American coin and medal beer-selection.comgraver-medalist, and sculptor who has worked for the private Franklin Mint, as a freelance designer, and since 2004 has worked for the United States Mint in Philadelphia.


Image of Pacific coast with pinetrees

Lettering: E PLURIBUS UNUM • UNITED STATES OF AMERICAOceanin view!O! The joy! JF DW• LEWIS & CLARK 1805 • FIVE Cbeer-selection.comTS •

Translation: Out of Many, One • United States of AmericaOceanin view!O! The joy!JF DW • Lews & Clark 1805 • Five Cbeer-selection.comts •

beer-selection.comgravers: Joe Fitzgerald, Donna Weaver

Donna Weaver, originally from North Kbeer-selection.comtucky, studied sculpting, painting and print making at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and graduated in 1966.

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© Cyrillius


D United States Mint, Dbeer-selection.comver, United States (1906-date)
P United States Mint, Philadelphia, United States (1792-date)
S United States Mint, San Francisco, United States (1854-date)

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Date Mintage VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequbeer-selection.comcy
2005D 411120000 0.15 0.07 0.29 0.40 0.23 0.58 61%
2005D 847361 0.5% Satin Finish
2005P 394080000 0.19 0.35 0.37 0.40 0.15 0.58 63%
2005P 847361 0.5% Satin Finish
2005S 3344679 2.95 7% Proof

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