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Hi,I am looking to adjust my strength steering fluid on mine 04 Camry. I brought a Valvoline strength Steering fluid awhile back not certain why ns did. Have anyone use the \"Valvoline strength Steering Fluid\" for the strength steering liquid or must I ATF indigenous Valvoline/Castro ATF?thanks,Peter

Dexron IV or everything you put in your transmission (Toyota W/S, Valvoline Maxlife), honestly over there is no appropriate answer...
No one is right here to do all of the occupational for you.Vangm25: mine 2008 Toyota Camry subject ListVM024: 2AZ-FE mine Fluids, Filters, irradiate Bulbs
Dexron IV or every little thing you put in your transmission (Toyota W/S, Valvoline Maxlife), honestly there is no best answer...

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after Dexron III ended up being harder come find, I began using Valvoline MaxLife ATF. No troubles in number of years now. :smile:
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Been using Valvoline MaxLife ATF in my strength steering for numerous problems. Don\"t use
Valvoline\"s power Steering fluid in her Toyota!
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Any that the Dexron III kind fluids that room still out there or the more recent Dexron VI kind fluids will certainly work. Walmart\"s Supertech Dex/Merc, Mercon-V, Dexron VI, or the Valvoline Maxlife will work.
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