Many times, for number of days or weeks, a driver will get in their car and attempt to start it and an alert a longer-than-normal startup time; the engine will rotate over number of times an ext than that should before it starts. Other times, it may not begin at all, just to begin again the very next day.

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These symptoms—as well together an engine the is sluggish to revolve over, or won't revolve over at all and also just clicks—are all feasible signs of a bad starter. If the battery and alternator have actually been tested (and, if necessary, replaced), the many likely cause of the trouble is a poor starter.

To change the starter top top a 1999 Pontiac cool Prix, monitor the actions outlined below. That is important to follow every safety actions outlined in the automobile owners/maintenance manual. If these steps are not followed, severe injury or even fatality may result.

Tools Needed

Items that will certainly be needed to perform the starter removal:

5/16\" terminal battery wrenchRatchet with 4-inch and 8-inch extensions15mm socket13mm, 10mm and 8mm combination wrench

1. Raise increase the Car


Starter Location


Jack up car and place ~ above jack stands or journey up top top ramps in order to gain accessibility to the starter native below. Block the back tires for this reason the vehicle cannot role backward. The starter is located on the driver’s next of the vehicle and also can it is in accessed from underneath the car.

2. Disconnect negative Battery Terminal


Disconnect negative Terminal


Using a traditional battery wrench, disconnect the negative terminal ~ above the battery to prevent shock, shorts, swollen fuses, etc…

3. Locate the Starter




Locate the starter from under the car. It will be ~ above the driver's side best in prior of the oil pan. Over there is a cable harness the runs right alongside the starter the may need to be thrust aside.

4. Remove the Plastic Shield


Plastic Shield


There is a plastic shield enclosed by a 10mm bolt which contempt covers the starter mounting bolt. This shield will have to be removed. Usage the 10mm mix wrench to eliminate the shield and set it aside.

5. Remove Two 15 mm Bolts


Starter Bolt Locations


The 15mm starter mounting bolts need to be clearly shows now. Use the ratchet through the ideal size extension to reach and also remove each of the 2 15mm bolts hold the starter in place.

6. Take keep in mind of and also Disconnect the Starter Wiring

Starter Wiring Locations


Work the starter down through the opening far enough to reveal the two electrical connections on the top. One will certainly be a 13mm nut and also the other will be an 8mm nut. It’s a an excellent idea come take photos of this connections prior to removal to ensure the new starter will be associated correctly. Usage the 13mm and 8mm combination wrenches to eliminate the nuts it is registered the electric connections. Lower the starter come the ground.

7. Installation the brand-new Starter

Install the new starter adhering to these steps in turning back order.

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who10 (author) native Midwest on march 09, 2016:

Thanks for her input ~ above this.

DJ45X top top January 30, 2015:

Thank you for the pictorial. Properly executed. Just to add, because that those who try to use these instructions, the connectors for the starter have 3 nuts to eliminate connections. There are just 2 the you need to remove. Among the 13mm nuts is a grounding connection for the starter's motor. The does NOT need to be removed to eliminate the starter. This have to make it simpler to connect the brand-new starter. Other than that, very basic to do. Thank you who10 for her dedication to this pictorial. Cheers


smithshady top top October 02, 2012:

i to be a beginner and also this aided me so lot thanks. Very basic with the pics to assist !!!

who10 (author) from Midwest ~ above June 28, 2011:

Thanks CWanamaker. Simply finished the project this evening and also took pics follow me the way. I hope it will help someone out.

Christopher Wanamaker native Arizona on June 28, 2011:

Very well done and Easy come follow. I'm certain this will assist someone out.

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