just filled up. An initial time the lights come on for me, had about 30 mile left according to the fuel comp. 80L tank? i can only acquire 66L in prior to the fuel pump clicked. 60L is alot dont get me wrong, particularly at 1.349 a litre, yet 80L? were does that come from. And also a fast question right here that ns know has been extended over and over however Vpower is the closest to me, momentum99 not to much away aswsell as the bt ultimate. What would certainly you go for provided the choice. Ns was offered the car with a complete tank the momentum. And this is now my 2nd tank that Vpower, only because of convienience.

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80l is from complete to empty.


If the trip computer was speak 30m quiet left climate you can probably have actually done about another 100 miles before empty. And also then you might have got your full 80l in



the DTE plays very safe, many i ever filled up through was 77 litres, but after obtaining over 70 mile after the DTE checked out 0 the arse clenching acquired too much and also i had actually to to fill up.

haha maybe following time. Maybe.


good to know though. I desire to gain 300+ per tank especially at £90 a fill! just regulated 290 v the DTE in ~ 30.

I controlled to walk from Swansea come Glasgow through the light simply coming on. 410 miles. 300 have to be easy...


can you remember how plenty of miles you did with the light on, or as soon as the DTE check out 0? what fuel was the with?

I walk the "Ring come my home on one tank, which is around 430 miles. I believed that to be quite good going.

I regularly get over 400 mile to a tank. My dte readings are way out - obtained a scangauge fitted that is far more accurate and also shows the car"s computer is around 25% out. Always around 150 miles left in the tank once the dte is reading 0. I"ve not run the end yet, and only ever regulated to put about 72 litres in.


I wouldn"t recommend to run on fumes despite as any crud in the bottom the the tank will gain sucked through.

I"ve had 450 i think before.


Made that from the Wales drives to mine house external Aberdeen (via Stans house in Manchester traffic) on one tank. The light just came on 3 mile from my house. The was sitting at just under 80 (indicated) v the cruise on.



Even running about I get more than 300 miles.

Most I"ve ever risked was 408 mile from Dundee to just south that Rugby

least I"ve ever managed was 80 strange laps in ~ KRC


My last Zed - a JDM ST appeared to have actually a lot smaller capacity tank 보다 the existing UK spec GT. Does anyone understand if the JDM tank is smaller?

Uk is 80 litre"s, JDM have tendency to have a 70 litre tank, although one of the JDM spec levels has a 80 litre tank apparently.

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This morning i placed in 69 litres or V power due to my dte flashing 27 miles left, and also this price me £94 (Nottingham). God knows just how much 80 litres would expense me! Uk model 08 plate.

Mine is method out too, the light had just which today, DTE to be 57 miles and also I to be able to put in just 56.97 litres, I"m going to see just how much I acquire in when the DTE is 0 next time.