Applicable Model Years: 2003-2007 Ford Super Duty, 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel 6.0L Power Stroke Oil Change Intervals: 7,500 miles or 6 months under normal conditions (5,000 miles if towing) 6.0L Power Stroke Oil Filter: Motorcraft FL-2016 6.0L Power Stroke Oil Fill Cap: Motorcraft EC-743 6.0L Power Stroke Oil Filter Cap: Ford 3C3Z-6766-CA 6.0L Power Stroke Drain Plug: Ford 8C3Z-6730-A 6.0L Power Stroke Engine Oil Spec: 15W-40 preferred under most conditions 6.0L Power Stroke Engine Oil Capacity: 15 quarts w/ filter


7.3L Power Stroke EBPV Delete Guide
6.0L Power Stroke Fuel Filter Replacement Procedures
Diesel Oil Selection Guide - Power Stroke, Cummins, & Duramax Diesels
Power Stroke Maintenance Schedule

The oil should be changed in a 6.0L Power Stroke every 7,500 miles/6 months under normal operating conditions and 5,000 miles/6 months under "severe" operating conditions; these includes towing, periods of excessive idling, and driving in extremely hot/cold conditions. Since the Power Stroke"s HEUI injection system is sensitive to engine oil condition, it may be in your best interest to stick with the more conservative 5,000 mile interval regardless of driving conditions.

6.0L Power Stroke Oil Selection Guide

The 6.0L Power Stroke, like the earlier 7.3L, utilizes a hydraulic unit injector. In this system, fuel is pressurized in each individual injector in lieu of a common high pressure injection pump. The 6.0 is unique in that it uses pressurized oil delivered to the body of the injector to pressurize fuel prior to an injection event occurring. In this system, oil pressure in the high pressure system can reach ~3,600 psi. Engine oil is therefore subjected to extreme heat, pressure, and shear forces more frequently than in a typical non-unit injector system.

Only a full synthetic motor oil should be used in the 6.0L Power Stroke. Synthetic oils are superior to conventional "dino" oils in every way possible. Conventional motor oil is becoming a relic of the past and as such the price difference between conventional and synthetic oils is negligible at best, although there are more expensive synthetics on the market that provide additional benefits. Synthetic oils are much more resilient to mechanical (shear), thermal (heat), and chemical (fuel contamination) breakdown than conventional motor oils.

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Furthermore, the 6.0L Power Stroke"s HEUI injectors are notoriously sensitive to stiction, which is caused by buildup or varnishing of the injector solenoid. To prolong the life of your injectors, it is highly recommended that you use an oil additive specifically engineered to prevent and combat stiction. Archoil AR9100 friction modifier has delivered excellent results in our experience and it is not particularly expensive. We recommend using it every oil change; it will prolong the life of your injectors and in many instances it can help cure misfire conditions that are injector related. The 6.0L Power Stroke featured on this page was purchased new in 2003 by our shop; it is approaching 225,000 miles on the factory injectors and has not skipped a beat.

Every vehicle that enters our shop leaves with Amsoil full synthetic engine oil. Amsoil has a tiered product line that offers economic solutions for those who are on a budget but want a quality oil as well as more expensive engine oils for those who want maximum protection despite the higher price point. Their current line of diesel engine oils includes (follow link for pricing and details):



Heavy Duty Synthetic 15W-40

Signature Series 15W-40

4X the wear protection than required by Detroit Diesel"s scuffing test specifications, reduced oil consumption, greater resilience to mechanical, chemical, and thermal breakdown. Entirely compatible with emissions controlled engines.

6X the wear protection than required by Detroit Diesel"s scuffing test specifications, greatly reduced oil consumption, greatest resilience to mechanical, chemical, and thermal breakdown. Entirely compatible with emissions controlled engines.

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6.0L Power Stroke Oil Viscosity Chart

Ambient Temperature

Recommended Viscosity


> 10° F


Preferred viscosity for ambient temperatures > 30° F

-10 to 90° F


Preferred viscosity for ambient temperatures between -10 and 30° F

6.0L Power Stroke Oil Change Procedures

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• Park the vehicle on a level surface, set the parking brake, and allow the engine to cool completely.

• Locate the oil drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. Place a suitable drain pan (minimum 15 quart capacity) below the drain plug.

• Remove the drain plug with a 19 mm or 3/4" box end wrench (or 6 point socket, do not use open end of wrench!) and allow the engine oil to drain completely.



• Remove the oil filter from the filter cap by pulling it away from the cap; it will snap loose with light to moderate pressure.

• Remove the old oil filter cap o-ring, then install the new one in place.

• Install the new oil filter. Note that the oil filter clips into the oil filter housing. You will hear it snap into place if it is installed correctly.

• Generously lubricate the oil filter cap o-ring with clean motor oil, then reinstall. Torque cap to 25 Nm (19 lb-ft); do not overtighten.