2004 Chevy Trailblazer 4.2L examine engine light.How to rearea cam and crankshaft place sensors?

Answer:The electronic camera actuator solenoid is situated on the passenger side front of the engine, These are commonto fail and also cause a examine engine light code P0014 or P0016. When they fail, it causes a correlationcode between it and the crank sensor. To rerelocate the cam actuator solenoid, you will certainly have toremove the drive belt and also the either remove the power steering pump, or at least loosen it enough toslide it out of the method far sufficient for the electronic camera sensor to clear the steering pump cap.

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Cam Solenoid


The crank position sensor is situated on the chauffeurs side of the engine, along with a few eithersensors. You can either jack up the truck and take the vehicle drivers side wheel off to accessibility the sensor. Itis actually less complicated to acquire to it from under the truck. It is simply bolted on through one 10mm bolt.

Crank Position Sensor


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Then it is just a10mm bolt that holds it in. Wiggle it and slide it out, then install the new one.After these repair, a "Cam / Crank correlation relearn" will must be done. A high top quality shave the right to toolwill certainly be required to execute this effectively. Some world have other ways to do it prefer letting it idle for a fewminutes, or driving on the highway for 10 miles, but none of these work.

If you do not do that relearn, the engine light will come on and you will have codes. This might lookprefer the parts did not resolve the trouble, when they actually did.

Question:2003 Chevy Trail Blazer. 4.2L company 4 wheel drive codes = p0428.Changed fan breduced resistor and fan, ignition switch, crucial tumbler.vThe key is stuck in the ignition. The gear selector button will certainly not depush, unless Iunhook the wire from the under the hood fuse block that controls the windows, door locks tempcontrol module. When I unhook the wire that controls these components, the actuator for the gear selector worksas soon as I hit the brake pedal and also the essential deserve to be removed from the ignition. Any suggestions?

Answer: Not sure what you mean by unhooking the wire at the fuse box? Do you mean youhave the fusage box out and are currently removing wires? That"s a negative concept as it will certainly cause moreproblems and also confusion throughout diagnosis.

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Did you gain a scanner on it and look at the PRNDL signal? Did you test the release solenoid inthe change console? Sounds choose you have actually a brief circuit. You are going to must follow severalschematics testing for open up and also shorts.