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According to Suncore Industries, there is a switch in the trunk or passenger compartment that will certainly revolve off air ride suspension. Does anyone recognize EXACTLY wbelow I could uncover such a switch on my 2000 DeVille?


Cadillac never put a switch in for it, its constantly on. It knows when you jack up the car and it will not let all the air out, unlike my stupid Lincoln. First time I jacked it up I foracquired to shut the suspension off and it deflated while in the air. I dropped the automobile ago dvery own and also couldn"t obtain my jack out. I had actually to wait around 2 minutes for it to pump the totality car earlier up.
I had actually a Lincoln Townvehicle...LOL. Same point occurred to me with a jack and also that stupid air bag suspension. Lincoln did have a switch in the trunk for this...DUH!:thepan:
Suncore is obviously incorrect about such a switch in a Cadillac.Now, I want to pull the fusage to the compressor, and also after analysis for an hour on searches on these forums, I discovered a number of questions around the fuse, and numerous answers to pull the fusage, yet I never discovered where to uncover the fuse (other than in among the fuse holders that could be uncovered in as many as 3 various locations - under hood, in trunk, in cabin). Wright here exactly is the fuse for the suspension compressor situated in my 2000 DeVille??

It"s a 30 amp fuse dubbed "ELC Fuse" it"s situated in the rear fusage block under the rear seat cushion beside the battery. Pulling it will certainly disable the compressor for the rear air shocks.
I believe there is likewise a relay for the air ride situated under back seat fusage block. The relay is #55. top left corner.

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How have the right to you turn off the check air suspension light on the display? Changed from air shocks to spring. Drives good but have to rotate off the message. Any suggestions?
No such message. Maybe somepoint prefer "inspect level regulate system" or equivalent. Namong these cars have actually "air ride". They use either road sensing suspension or conventional struts/shocks, both of which use an auxiliary rear shock air-loaded level control system to compensate for added loads in the trunk or back seat.That level control device provides air bladders on each rear shock to assist the rear springs in preserving ride height. The replacement kits have to encompass one or more resistors per shock to "fool" the device.......BUT, if your original rear springs are weak, no aftermarket shock (without help springs) will certainly compensate for rear sag and also the linked height regulate message.Either search better in right here or go to Discussions, Item Specific: Suspension.............Jason Brady
, Your DTS and DHS suspension devices are.........various. Check your RPO sticker for codes F45, FE1, FE3.