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:ughI"m switching back to complete length MSD wires from mine shorties, but do no remember the wire routing. Walk anyone have a chart or picture or do they just crossover come the direct opposite cylinder and also coil pac? thanks as usual!!!!:worthy:

#8 Coil-to- #5 Spark Plug (marked 5/8)#5 Coil-to- #8 Spark Plug (marked 5/8)#7 Coil-to- #4 Spark Plug (marked 4/7)#2 Coil-to- #3 Spark Plug (marked 2/3)#3 Coil-to- #2 Spark Plug (marked 2/3)#6 Coil-to- #1 Spark Plug (marked 1/6)#1 Coil-to- #6 Spark Plug (marked 1/6)#4 Coil-to- #7 Spark Plug (marked 4/7)
05 ram 1500 QC 5.7 (stroked 6.4 as of 7/14)Inertia Motorsports Stroker Assy/Custom Tunedbest 1/4 (5.7 nitrous): 12.10
107 (hot day)over 300k mile on block



2006 TRX4 Quad Cab Mineral greyManaflow muffler and also SS guideline aft resonator eliminated - Magnaflow Ypipe and also forward resonator gotten rid of - Edelbrock shorty headersLine that fire - Bak flip tonneu cover - Led tail lights and also led 3rd brake lightTwiggy HID"s in fogs Pioneer DVD head unit - Roford below Amp - Somy XM-4S amp Boston 6x9"s - Polk 3.5"s - Infinity 5.25"s - Fox double 10" and Infinty subs Westin SS tube measures - E&G standards wire mesh grill-SRT 10 hood2009 Larimie 20inch wheels - Hellwig rear swaybar - Mopar remote startLIGHT ADDICTS anonymous #14MOPAR OR NO automobile .
picked up the wires today, not marked just a tiny difference in length between them all, ill number it out. Wires watch like great quality thats because that sure. Be putting them ~ above this weekend, ordered 2 set of msd loom/separators, to save it as neat and also organized as possible. Pics after download of course, and also thanks Scott and also chefred112 because that the info, you men are great as usual.

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2012 Challenger SXT+ 220ci 5 speed, blackberry pearl, FM xxMM, diablo in-tune I1000, Carbon fiber pedal covers, 11% tint1999 Durango SLT+ leather, 360ci 4x4, hughes plenum rebuild, superchips 3865, tow pkg, 3.55 LSD, rear tail light guard, k&n CAI, FM 50MM TB, crystal clear headlights, Torsion/shackle lift, Rancho RSX"s, Pacesetter headers, double trans & oil temp a-pillar pod, chrome deep infectious diseases world fashion pan, drilled & slotted rotors, 10 disc cd changer.2004 ram 1500 SLT 2WD QC LB 345ci, FM 84MM TB, slotted brake rotors, action bar, diamond plate pedals, locking gas door, tow package w/ 3.55 lsd, Hellwig LP-15, shell and also carpet kit, 18% door window tint, Magnaflow 12641, Slammed1"s 3" spindle lift and also 2.5 coil spacer, rear lift shackles, Airraid MIT, superchips 3815, 6K front winch & tradition Winch Plate, Autometer phantom infectious diseases world fashion gauge placed in Mopar SRT A-Pillar solitary pod, lumber/roof rack, Rancho 9000X shocks, ATS fender flairs, 1" BL, gap guards, black grille, silver painted bezel2005 dodge Magnum RT- Midnight Blue -Vroom Lakewood former strut bar, k&n FilterGone however not forget 93 manufacturing facility freak CC dakota lifted 4x4 318