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Took mine 03 325i come the BMW dealer for part service; asked them to change the infection fluid. Company advisor request me as soon as it was done last. Ns don"t recognize when it to be done last and the vehicle has 180000 mile on it.Service advisor told me not to perform it as it may damage the Transmission and the infection is sealed. (Have read here that that is no sealed).Should I change the fluid?
I gravitate towards the "myth" the you must NOT change your transmission fluid if it has not to be done before and also the transmission is no acting any different 보다 normal. No need to reason a problem...but rather on here will tell friend yes you should do it, i am sure.On youtube over there is a good video breaking down exactly how the fluid works through clutch packs and also why girlfriend should and also should not replace the tranny oil. I can"t discover it in ~ this time..

Can"t speak yes or no, simply that i did in ~ 123k miles and again in ~ 173k miles. Her dealer would have actually told me no to also. Still going perfect at 199,740 miles. 123k to be the first change for this car, ns bought it at 121k. Sent from mine SM-G930V using cell phone app
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I"m having the same thoughts. Not sure whether to adjust or not. Although many civilization do say the if you change and the tranny fails, then the tranny to be on its method out already. The consensus seems like an altering it is a great idea.
I readjusted mine and also became addicted come the smell of the atf fluid. I would go in the garage simply smell it and it would certainly hit me and, it just fucking smells great.Redline D4 had my favorite odor.But ended up act auto to Manny swap. Changing the liquid did not solve my issue. However did delay it some.Sent from mine SM-N900T using mobile app


Go for a full flush... It will drive favor new... Ns did this on my 2001 Corolla 4sp auto at 150k miles, and also it to be night and day difference.... Simply do it and also don"t believe the anti-flush conspiracists....

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There is simply no way that old contaminated worn-out ATF is much better than fresh new ATF v a complete additive concentration. This myth that fresh ATF will damages a high usage transmission has actually no basis and also cannot be sustained by any type of established technical facts involved. It is only a misguided theory imagined through someone who doesn"t recognize the situation. In addition, unless the ATF is adjusted several times, the total fluid fill will be a mix of old and new fluid. The second drain and refill does not require that the pan be dropped or the filter changed.BTW, the exactly ATFs an ideal for usage in the ZF 5HP19, the are noted on the ZF approved fluids list room not colored red.Using cheap unapproved ATF is false economy, specifically in factor to consider of the alleged lifetime(not) fill.
Had a question about the ZF 5HP19 on the 03 325i.When it alters from 3rd to 4th gear; the RPMs drop to 1,500 and then go ago up right away come 2,000 RPMs. Is this normal?
Had a 1999 328i with 190,000 mi top top it. 90,000mi top top a rebuilt tranny once it started to hesitation going right into forward gears until it warmed up. It was taken to a BMW Indy he said he would not flush it, simply drain and also fill that has had actually too much trouble through these Transmissions going negative shortly ~ flushing them. He said to carry it earlier after a few thousand miles and he would drain and fill that again. The vehicle drove a lot better after that. In ~ the very same time my daughter had actually a 2000 328i that would not go into reverse all the time. Ns took it to a infection specialist that did a full business on the infection after an altering the reverse solenoid. Around town that still confirmed the same troubles until i drove it end a 9,000 ft pass numerous times in a month. After the it was good and had no problems. I also have a 2002 X5 that the prior owner placed in a rebuilt infection at 115,000 miles. The infection specialist the I speak to said a the majority of times it"s the torque converter the goes out and then takes out the transmission. So it seems to be about 50 - 50 in my experience. I have a pair of an ext examples yet I think that"s enough. Ns do recognize that BMW"s Life Time to fill was a pack of crap. An excellent luck with every little thing your decision is.Sent from my SM-T217S utilizing cell phone app