The 2002 Mercury Mountaineer comes through a infection that does not have a dipstick. The fluid inside the the transmission protects all of the relocating gears and also seals. The transmission fluid bonds come the gears to prevent warmth friction. The infection fluid likewise bonds come the seals to store the seals soft and flexible to prevent leaking. The liquid is just designed come last around 75,000 to 100,000 miles prior to it starts to breakdown. Change the infection fluid in between these intervals for maximum infection performance and protection.

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Park the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer top top a level ar and collection the emergency brake.

Crawl under the driver next of the Mountaineer and locate the two-part drain plug on the bottom side of the infection pan. The hex head drainpipe plug has a smaller sized Torx plug in the facility of the large plug. Ar the fluid catch pan under the area of the drainpipe plug.

Loosen the hex head drainpipe plug by turning it counter clockwise with the ratchet and also a 22-millimeter socket. Finish unscrewing the drainpipe plug v your fingers until the infection fluid begins to operation out. Carry out not eliminate the plug, simply loosen the up enough for the transmission fluid to drainpipe out. Once all of the liquid has drained out from roughly the plug, tighten the plug through the ratchet and also the 22-millimeter socket.

Unscrew the Torx plug by transforming it counter clockwise v the ratchet and the TX-30 Torx bit until the plug is loose. End up removing the plug totally from the transmission pan through your fingers. Set the Torx plug in a safe area near where you room working.

Insert the end of the tiny plastic hose into the facility Torx plug hole. Pump the Mercon automatic transmission liquid into the pan v the liquid pump until the fluid begins to circulation out that the to fill hole. Remove the pipe from the to fill hole. Crank the engine and change the transmission equipment lever throughout every one of the gears and also then ago into park.

Inspect the fluid level inside of the Torx plug hole. If the liquid has stopped flowing out of the Torx fill hole, insert the plastic tube back into the to fill hole and also continue to pump the Mercon fluid into the infection pan till the fluid flows the end of the hole again. Screw the Torx plug ago in and tighten down through the ratchet and also Torx socket. Remove the drip pan the end from under the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer.


The function of cranking the engine and shifting through every one of the gears is to gain the transmission liquid into all locations of the transmission. This will certainly most likely lower the fluid level in ~ the Torx fill hole, therefore the should refill the infection pan with an ext fluid.

A hand-held liquid pump or a squeeze bottle of the Mercon automatically transmission fluid can it is in bought in ~ most any kind of auto components store.


Use caution when working approximately a warm transmission and also hot transmission liquid to prevent serious burns to her skin.

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" Ford Explorer and also Mercury Mountaineer Haynes Repair hands-on for 2002 and also 2010 (excluding sport Trac);" man Haynes; 2010

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