This is a kit to execute a complete repair on the blend door malfunction that is usual to 95-02 Rams. Every ram in this range either has, or will have, this typical failure.

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If you feel uncomfortable installation the repair yourself, go below to uncover a certified garage near you.



The dodge is fairly simple compared to our other products. The Ram has a steel blend door and also a metal connector top top the actuator motor. The difficulty is usage of a plastic interposer to attach the engine to the mix door axle. The pictures show the plastic OEM component and the stole replacement. Some beforehand RAM"s have actually a mechanical slide lever regulate on top of the box. If her truck doesn"t have the actuator engine on the bottom that the box, it is the older version and our kit because that the electronic model will certainly not help.

The actuator motor is located under the passenger side dash and you deserve to use the 2nd picture to situate the motor module. You deserve to observe activity of the engine by adjusting the temp manage knob through the HVAC system on. The module is hosted in place with 2 phillips screws and is removed by pulling straight down. The black color interposer the the engine fits into have the right to usually be removed with your fingers, yet you might need a pair that pliers. Again, just pull straight down ~ above the black plastic piece and also it will certainly come loose. Inspect the interposer for any type of signs of cracking or chipping.

The evade actuator motor has a complete 360 level rotation capacity with no built in limit stops. The internal gears have actually a slide connector that moves follow me a change resistance strip and uses the different resistance readings to gauge the position of the blend door. Once the connector breaks, the motor spins previous the suggest where a precious reading can be taken and also the computer control “loses it’s mind” and also shuts under the motor. The most common observation is a cracked interposer and seemingly non-functional motor.

The gives an unbreakable replacement interposer and completely illustrated instructions on how to open the motor case and re-index the engine gears come restore ideal operation. Generally the Dealer will certainly recommend a brand-new motor(including one more cheap plastic interposer that will break) in ~ a substantial cost. The will restore functionality that will outlast the van at a considerably lower price. The replacement component is great to deal with a HVAC problem, but also can easily be inserted into a functioning device to avoid the problem developing in the an initial place. Contact us for pricing ~ above volume purchases.

Failure the your warm and/or A/C in her Jeep grand Cherokee is usually as result of the fail of the connector in between the mix door and actuator motor.Heater Treater replace instead replace the cheap, plastic connector v steel. Instead of the connector with the exact same plastic part from the manufacturer WILL result in continued problems — the exact same system style problem that brought about the failure in the very first place WILL happen again.Heater Treater assaults the root reason of the failure by constructing hardware the is design to accomplish the rigors that normal procedure of the HVAC system, and also last because that the life that the Jeep. Keep in mind that some early on vehicles supplied a mechanically cable control for the blend door. Check that you have actually an actuator engine on the bottom of the box at the intersection the the infection tunnel and firewall come make certain that the control is electronic. The cable device will it is in on top of the box and will it is in a mechanical problem with the cable.

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The 2002 lamb was a changeover year. If you have actually an ’02 girlfriend should inspect this listing and also the ’02-’08 listing to see which system you have.