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Hey folks,So, I just bought a 2000 XLT, and was going to gain another crucial for it.$103 at one dealership and $120 in ~ another.No. That"s retarded.I gained a normal key made the will simply open the door, and will revolve in the ignition. If the weren"t for that freaking anti-theft crap, I might spend 3 dollars for a functioning key. These males want me to invest 103?! Things obtain lost. Secrets especially.Has anyone disabled every little thing silly crap requires a chip in the crucial to begin the truck?So much as I"m concerned, that"s simply one more thing to go wrong anyway.There has to be a means to execute it. Any type of of y"all excellent it?I"m no trying to steal my very own truck. Ns promise!

You can probably to buy a $3000 Ford dealer maker that will do it. If you have actually 2 original secrets then buy much more keys and have them cut wherever. Then routine the brand-new keys yourself.
If you have 2 keys you have the right to just buy another one ~ above ebay for 10 bucks and also have it cut anywhere. I"m guessing girlfriend only have actually 1 crucial though
i gained 2500$ from a 93.. Also i was wondering if you can get a Lincoln PATS vital (They look at The Same) and have the programed to mine Ranger
Just one key. I"m searching for a way to have actually multiple tricks for much less than the 120bucks my local dealer desires to obtain me one more one.It"s false security and also just one much more thing to walk wrong. Finish crap, this is. Therefore far, the cheapest but least trustworthy system I"ve to be able to find on teh interwebs is to take it the PATS capsule out of the one working key I have and glue it come the cylinder lock. Then any kind of hardware store vital will work because PATS watch the rfID chip. However what if this tiny chip come unglued somehow? It"s less likely 보다 me losing my tricks (happens every the time) however seriously...It"s like world have determined how to make every otherwise inexpensive point as expensive together hell.
Some Ace hardware stores program the tricks for 75 bucks...Also some times you deserve to ziptie a programed an essential to the ign. Switch. Some human being do this when installing far start
I would gain the two tricks programmed through the dealer then buy much more keys off of ebay. You save the 2 main secrets at home and also carry the preventive keys. As soon as you shed the preventive keys simply buy much more keys and also program them with the main keys sitting at home. If you are losing tricks like crazy maybe acquire a nipple ring then attach a lengthy chain and vital to it.
You can shot and take it the programmed crucial and tape in the column next to the ignition switch.If no you can have to take it the sensor off and put the an essential next the somewhere inside the column.
No, that"s just beating the mechanism the means it was intended to be beaten. This still pipeline the entirely real opportunity that the transponder or the rfID chip could end up being damaged, leaving you totally stuck. Human being still steal these vehicles, so there IS a way around it.There has to be a method to permanently and completely disable this system, short of spending hundreds of dollars or simply fooling it right into working choose it to be intended. I"m not trying to pick the lock... I"m removed the door.
As far as I recognize you deserve to only disable it through dealer equipment. Ns doubt castle will carry out it for you though. Bob is the man that to know these solution well. Maybe he will certainly chime in.
If the paperwork is in mine name, i don"t know why they wouldn"t.But, like any type of other dealer-related activity, I"m sure they"ll charge me an ext than it"s worth.
If the paperwork is in my name, i don"t understand why castle wouldn"t.But, like any other dealer-related activity, I"m sure they"ll fee me more than it"s worth.
I"m certain it is.I"d choose to get rid of it much more because ns don"t to trust it than anything else, to tell friend the truth.

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just acquire over it and also buy the vital from the alot of trouble going through all of this
im curious around having come keys and buying one top top ebay? i check out in my f150 hands-on (im guessin the mechanism works the very same in both vehicles) the if you have actually 2 secrets you can program other tricks on your very own or something choose that. Can anyone to fill in the blanks?
if you have 2 keys and also they work-related on the car you can program 2 additional keys right into the device by a sequence of crucial turns (cant remember just how to do it no longer though), but it is possible.

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