The Ford explorer uses an electric starter to revolve the crankshaft and also start the truck. The starter can actually be gotten rid of beforehand and brought to most automotive parts stores for a bench test. The bench check will identify if the starter is faulty or not. Instead of the starter is no complicated, together it is easily obtainable under the truck, an installed between the engine and the transmission.

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Ensure the van is top top a flat and also level surface. Advanced the hood for access to the engine compartment.

Locate the battery top top the driver side of the engine compartment. Disconnect the positive and an adverse cables v a socket wrench.

Crawl under the passenger next of the traveler to situate the starter mounted between the engine and also the transmission. The starter is secured by two bolts.

Unbolt the seed on the stud at the top of the starter to release the optimistic cable. On slide the lead turn off the stud.

Loosen the two bolts with a socket wrench. Location the wires that are bolted to the bottom bolt to the side.

Pull the starter under from the engine compartment. Change with the brand-new starter. Begin both bolts by hand. For sure the an unfavorable lead cable is thrust onto the bottom bolt prior to tightening. For sure both bolts through a socket wrench.

Unscrew the stud on the height with a socket wrench. Push the continuing to be lead top top the stud. Tighten the nut over the lead v a socket wrench.

Connect the confident and an adverse cables to the battery v a socket wrench. Near the hood as soon as the battery is connected.

Start the van to ensure it starts correctly.


Take the old starter ago to obtain the \"core\" credit. The \"core\" charge is added to the invoice of the new starter to ensure the the old starter is returned to the automotive components store.


Use caution working on an electric component. Always isolate the battery come prevent electrical shock.


\"Ford Explorer and also Mazda Navajo Haynes Repair hands-on covering Ford Explorer and also Mazda Navajo (1991 thru 2001), Mercury Mountaineer (1997 thru 2001), traveler Sport (2000 thru 2003), and also Explorer sports Trac (2001 thru 2005)\"; man Haynes; 2005

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