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Hey,I have a 2001 Dodge lamb 1500 through the 5.9L V8 sport package. Ns recently had actually to readjust my water pump and also thermostat. After appropriately running and reading the suitable temperature for a couple of days, the truck started reading a high temp because that a few seconds at start-up then go back to norm. Now, the truck immediately reads 280 levels at start-up, even if it is 30 degrees out. Ns am assuming that the temperature sensor has gone bad and wanted her opinions. Is this right? and if so, does any have a Haynes hands-on to watch upload images of the ar of the sensor and how to replace it?Thanks for the helpMitchell
the ECT sensor is behind your alternator, kinda smaller sized sensor through a 2 wire conector.. That is removable there is no removing the alt, BUT! removing the alt does make it alot! easier...

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