The radiator fan was no working, checked fuses and one started working the fans, now they will certainly not close up door off. I changed the temperature manage switch, thermostat, outlet flange, pulled the fan control module looked for corrosion, none. Purchase a offered fan module and also it operates the same.The pan will continue to operation after automobile is turn off, they turn off as soon as fuse on height of battery is pulled. They continue to be off till you begin the car, climate they start once cold and also run constant. Ns did not readjust the temperature sensor, Could that be the or fuses in the passenger compartment?

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Fuses would certainly not reason it to operation all the time. I would certainly think you have a bad fan relay or temperature sensor.

phone call the professionals which fuse so that they have the right to trace the circuit and tell friend what the problem can be.Which one of the 3 eco-friendly fuses?Thomas

pulled the 30 amp on optimal of battery, adjusted the switch in the radiator and changed the fan regulate module with a supplied one acted the same. Can it be the temperature sensor on the coolant outlet flange?

give thanks to you because that re-reading what i posted. Now that I have actually the information, I can tell friend what to check.Attached are two images, one shows the fuses that administer power come the fan module (fuses S164 and also S180).S180 is the fuse you pulled. Looking at the diagram, you have the right to see the that fuse feeds strength to the radiator fan switch F18.The switch is situated on the radiator listed below the battery. Is that the move you currently replaced?Thomas
I changed the temperature sensor on the coolant outlet flange.So to day I have changed the temperature move on radiator, I adjusted thermostat, tried various used fan relay. I likewise pulled fuse number #16 it turn off the fans off once nothing else does. I looked increase the fuse and also it controls ac clutch. What would certainly be the following trouble shooting step.I should point out that the automobile was in a fender bender and also the evaporator radiator to be damaged and also the refrigerant leaked out. Would that have actually anything to do with the fans staying on.

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as you have the right to see from the over diagram, fuse S180 (far left ~ above battery) supplies power come the fans and the regulate Module.Pulling the fuse cut power come those items.Pulling fuse #16 within the car, cut power to the Module. Both situations the fans shut off.The module receive inputs native sensors and also switches and turns the fans on accordingly.Depending ~ above which waiting conditioner mechanism you have, over there are different sensors that examine the push in the system. A fault with that sensor or wiring couldtrigger the Coolant Fan regulate Module to rotate the pan on.Leave fuse #16 (at the side of the dash) out and also run engine to watch if the fans come ~ above via the "Radiator pan Switch" (on the next of the radiator by the battery) if the radiator hoses feel too warm after some time and the fans have actually not come on. Revolve the engine off and let cool down.The fans should still come on due to the fact that fuse #S180 gives power come the low speed take the vehicle to an air conditioner specialist to get the system checked out.Thomas