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Hey guys,I"m brand-new to the forum and I REALLY need some help. I have actually a "96 Foreman 400 and also it has no spark. I checked all the usual, fuses and broken wires etc. For this reason I put on a new Honda CDI and also still no spark.I walk a search and it appears the rectifiers go negative a lot. Just how do ns test it? ns would additionally really favor to uncover a wiring diagram. Am ns on the appropriate track, any suggestions apreciated!Thanks, Dave

welcom come the forum dave there is a thred under the 400 section for a complimentary PDF honda hand-operated that should offer you all the wirering diagrams you should needRICH
2000 foreman 450 es-s the f**king pigSOLDsold every my crappy Hondas .....lolsold !2007 Suzuki kingquad 700 for fun2018 Yamaha grizzly 700 se friend me on on facebook love (.)(.)s
* is a hand-operated at this thred post by HELMUT
2000 foreman 450 es-s the f**king pigSOLDsold all my crappy Hondas .....lolsold !2007 Suzuki kingquad 700 because that fun2018 Yamaha grizzly 700 se friend me on facebook love (.)(.)s

Thanks come Rich and also Helmet because that the wiring diagram. I bet it"s the rectifier. Am I best to understand it won"t run/get spark v a poor rectifier or that unplugged?Thanks again for all the help!Dave

welcome come the forum. From my knowledge the digital ignition will not occupational with the end the rectifier work properly
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