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Hi all,I"m just wondering for those who have added an amp and subs to the D where did you mount the amp? I"m still wanting to store the 3rd row usable and have it so that the below box have the right to be removed for hauling. I arrangement on putting an on/off move in line of the remote wire so I can disable the amp as soon as I eliminate the sub. However is over there anyplace the the amp can be permantely mounted out that the way? ns was reasoning under the cover in the ago but ns have every one of my tiny tools and also stuff keept in there so not much room left. Under the passenger seat is the only other location I deserve to think of however if the doesn"t to the right there?Thanks
I have actually mine in the behind storage compartment and it works great there because that me. Ns was worried around heat builtup, however the amp has been in there because that 2 years with no problems. I have actually an equalizer the I use to turn off the amp once I remove the sub (very similar to your on-off move which have to work simply fine) and also I placed a speak connector (XLR in mine case, yet 1/4" would work too) ~ above the speaker heat for rapid removal without needing access to the amp.
I was told not put the amp in the compartment due to heat, yet it sounds choose it"snt neccesarily a problem. I mounted mine right on optimal of the compartiment. When I lift increase the compartment the amp goes v it. I just collection everything on optimal of the amp. That has operated fine because that me, however maybe I"ll placed it inside currently too.
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how did you mount that to the window? can you take it it the end if needed? where perform you have the wires running?

Wow 2K R/T the looks quite good. Very an imaginative too. Pacman what size amp do you have? I"d think the the bigger the amp, the more heat it"d placed out and also this could be an ext of a trouble putting the amp in the compartment. I"m going to try and install it this particular day so I"ll search a little an ext when I get out come the garage and also see whereby it"ll right the best. Thanks guys.
I placed my amp ~ above the back of the third seat and have I have actually 2 ten in a box ago there v the third seat up
blk2krt i think I"m going come follow your lead and mount the on the below box. I just can"t bring myself come drill holes in any kind of of the interior panels just yet. Currently does anyone have actually a wiring diagram of the stock amp. I"m reasoning I desire to use the inputs native that together the inputs because that my amp.
Bolt it to Box and also When They get in her truck every they need to do is pickup every one of YOUR STUFF and walk with it,Worst location to mountain the amps Is top top THE BOXAlso the bass could vibrate the box a little an ext and chaos up itSeen the BOTH means beforeMount the in the behind compartmentRick
Bolt it to box and when they acquire in her truck all they have to do is pickup all of your stuff and walk v it. Worst ar to mount the amps is ~ above the box.Also the bass can vibrate the box a little an ext and chaos up it.Seen that both means before.Mount the in the behind compartment.Rick
Well, ns guess us all have our very own opinions. As far as I"m pertained to if someone breaks in my van to steal anything having it an installed elsewhere isn"t walking to make a difference.All of my amps have actually been an installed on the box and I have actually never had any problems. That"s not to say that someone else won"t have problems, but from mine own an individual experience that"s the case. I have however overheated one amp i beg your pardon I believe you operation the threat of doing placing it in the compartment.
I had a automobile stolen once. Unfortunately, I got the automobile back. That looked favor they used a pick axe and also a slege hammer to acquire the head unit the end of the dashboard and also the amp the end of the cargo area in the back. I"m a huge fan that OEM stereos. Nifty feather install? but I"d it is in concerned around it together a liability.
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I have an larger Kicker 50si amplifier (about 150w in mono bridged) so that isn"t a huge amp. The point I really like about the si collection that Kicker had for a when is the the totality top of the amp is a heatsink, for this reason in every the years I"ve had actually these amps (I have 4 total, but only making use of one in the D right now), I have never had a trouble with heat? here"s a pic that provides you one idea the what lock look choose (I discovered this on a website somewhere - i don"t have actually this system!)
I assumption: v for currently I often tend to agree with BLK2KRT if they"re currently breaking into my truck, they"re going to get whatever they desire wherever it"s mounted. Yeah it could save them around one minute from having to unscrew that from the floor however it can save me body damages if they just decide come pry the out. Not to mention that the amp the I gained is about.75" too wide to to the right in the compartment in the back, and I"m still paying because that this truck so I"m no going to change the body too much simply yet. For currently it"ll just need to do till I can obtain something else done.Thanks all
Now go anyone have a wiring chart of the share amp. I"m reasoning I desire to usage the inputs native that together the inputs for my amp.
I"m not sure if that"s even possible. Probably someone else have the right to chime in. I had actually to buy an adapter to wire my amp approximately the share head unit.
Already walk it. I just used the outputs native the head unit, aka the input come the stock amp. I also used the 12v signal to turn on the stock amp together the signal to revolve my amp on. It works great. Ns didn"t need to pull the dash apart and mess through the head unit in ~ all. It simply took me a little longer to uncover what wires room what there is no a diagram. However all in all it was a pretty straightforward install.
Remember the the entry of the amp (or outputs that the head unit), at least in mine RT, space speaker level, no line level. I supplied line level converters come send signal to mine amp (which only has actually line level inputs.) If you get an amp through speaker level inputs, you have to be able affix without a need for conversion.

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How lengthy do the RCA"s must be to go to the behind compartment? Also, how much power wire is necessary from the battery come the ago compartment?Thanks
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