Camshaft position Sensor

Camshaft position sensor identify which cylinder is firing. Climate it uses that info to sync the injectors with the ignition. The CPS is among two sensors the if they fail, your Jeep will certainly not fire the spark plugs or bike the fuel injectors. Pretty lot leaving her Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee sitting dead.

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Camshaft place sensor "info"

Where is the CPS Sensor located?

In the Jeep Wrangler YJ & Cherokee XJ, that is situated inside the distributor ~ above both the 2.5L & 4.0L.

Will it create the examine engine irradiate if the sensor is faulty?

Yes it can. Additionally a defective sensor can cause erratic stalling or no to start all.

Why does it fail?

Heat and vibrations can be factor for failure.


Test the sensor that self.

To test the CPS friend will need an analog (old college with the sweeping needle) voltmeter and small document clips.

Using the small document clips, straighten and insert them right into the backside of the distributor wiring harness connector. Press the cable in till it stops making certain that you have actually solid contact with the metal connectors.Connect the red (+) bring about the sensor output wire (terminal #1). Then attach the black color (-) result in the ground wire of the sensor (terminal #2). Set the meter to check out DC voltage listed below 15 volts or so.Remove the distributor cap. Revolve the engine either by hand till the pulse ring start the magnetic pick-up ~ above the camshaft place sensor. Rotor switch should be pointing at about 8:30 – 9:00 o’clock position.Turn the ignition an essential to the “On” position. You need to be reading approximately 5 volts. If you space not getting any kind of voltage, check to make sure the meter leader are gaining a great connections. Frequently times the record clip deserve to move just enough to loosened contact through the internal plug terminals. Once you recognize that you have a solid link to the terminal and also you still have no voltage, need to examine for voltage in ~ the CPS voltage supply cable (terminal #3). No voltage there? examine for voltage at pen 7 at the PCM connector.Crank the engine end by the key. You must see the needle move ago and soon from 0 come 5 volts. If you do not obtain the signal pulse and all wiring checked out fine. Replace the camshaft position sensor.

If you have actually only a digital multimeter, it will certainly be daunting to check the CPS. You require the old-school analog style so you can watch the needle bounce as it it s okay a signal. Now, part digitals have a bar graph at the bottom of the range that would bounce to the signal pulses.

So, if ya ain’t got a simple analog. Gain ya one reason they room cheap and also it never damages to have actually an extra Multimeter around.

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